In late April, over 200 thousand visitors from around the world will come together for Hannover Messe (HMI) in Hannover, Germany. Microsoft is excited to have its largest presence to-date and will place a strong emphasis on digital manufacturing at the world’s premier tradeshow for industrial technology.

Last year’s HMI lead theme, “Integrated Industry – Creating Value,” gave exhibitors an opportunity to highlight Industrie 4.0 achievements and demonstrate the potential for human-machine collaboration in the factory of the future. Microsoft’s theme last year focused on achieving digital excellence today by showcasing the increased worker productivity, collaborative partnerships, and advances in platform interoperability achieved by nearly 30 partners and customers. Read more about Microsoft at Hannover Messe 2017 here.

Building on the success of last year’s event and HMI’s current lead theme of “Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate,” Microsoft is enabling organizations to achieve their next level of transformation through intelligent manufacturing with enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, and increased monetization.

Enhanced productivity across digital factories: One of Microsoft’s key objectives at HMI 2017 was to demonstrate how mixed reality and artificial intelligence (AI) tools can increase individual worker productivity. This year, Microsoft customers and partners will showcase their efforts in further empowering manufacturers by focusing on enhanced productivity across the entire digital factory and manufacturing ecosystem. In addition to the connectivity and productivity applications that will be highlighted in the booth, exhibition attendees will see new examples of Microsoft’s continued investments in mixed reality and AI technologies. These exciting advances and new solutions go beyond the individual, leveraging connected factory infrastructure and data streams to deliver real-time insights that enable teams to make better, faster decisions.

Increased monetization of products and services: Last year, Microsoft also displayed the increasing importance of technology in enabling servitization and new business models. This year, Microsoft customers and partners will emphasize their ongoing support for manufacturers’ servitization initiatives and exhibit new ways to monetize their existing investments in connected products. Attendees will discover how the next generation of business applications, workload scenarios, and technology platforms empower manufacturers to increase margins from digital products and services. The concept of manufacturers leveraging Connected Field Service is a scenario that will be featured throughout the entire show. Attendees will also learn how to utilize powerful Microsoft solutions to accelerate the development of innovative, data-driven products that bring value even closer to the end user.

Improved collaboration across intelligent value chains: In 2017, Microsoft began showing the evolution of new partnerships and development of new digital ecosystems. One standout example highlighted equipment-leader Sandvik Coromant’s partnership with tool builder DMG Mori. Leveraging their partnership, these two manufacturing leaders worked with Tetra Pak, a food packaging and processing organization, to enhance Tetra Pak’s packaging machines and significantly improve their industrial production processes. In 2018, Microsoft partners and customers will demonstrate how far they’ve come in building sustainable value chains, extending innovation into new markets, and driving socio-economic impact in downstream industries. Attendees will learn more about how intelligent edge and cloud technologies enable manufactures to remove infrastructure barriers, build agile and responsive value networks, and open new revenue streams that keep pace with the new speed of business.

While the opportunity to experience intelligent manufacturing is already a compelling reason to attend Hannover Messe, here are three more reasons to visit the conference.

3 reasons to visit microsoft at HMI

Learn from industry-leading partners and customers

Microsoft is honored to be joined this year by a diverse group of more than 25 innovative partners and customers at their booth, who will discuss how they’ve digitally transformed their organizations with Microsoft technology and solutions. These visionary leaders are now dealing with the next level of complexity, tackling challenges facing society such as improving yields in agriculture, enabling personalized and precision medicine, and attacking earth’s fresh water supply shortage. Attendees can view examples and demonstrations of how partners and customers overcame a wide variety of challenges by leveraging digital manufacturing technology. Keep checking in on the Microsoft at Hannover Messe 2018 page for updates on the list of partners who will be in attendance.

Experience transformative manufacturing technologies

Technologies like mixed reality, AI, machine learning, and IoT are integral components of an intelligent manufacturing future, and attendees will experience their transformative potential hands on at the Microsoft booth. Industry leaders and solution representatives will be available to answer questions and share insights into how these technologies are leveraged to deliver specific business outcomes. These solutions combine the best thinking from manufacturing experts and Microsoft software engineers to provide the optimal fix to problems organizations face daily. To ensure you have the opportunity to speak with Microsoft thought leaders and experts, schedule a booth tour here.

Explore the future of Microsoft technology one-on-one

Because not every organization has the same issues, Microsoft’s transformative technology solutions solve a wide variety of organizational problems. Visitors will receive targeted advice and engage in 1:1 briefings and envisioning sessions to learn what technology and solutions could most benefit their business. In these envisioning sessions, participants work with a Microsoft Services consultant to dig deep into the problems their organizations face and develop a tailored program for their digital transformation journey. Schedule a 1:1 with a Microsoft representative here and gain a better understanding of your business and how to steer it towards a connected, intelligent future.

To learn more about Microsoft’s plan for intelligent manufacturing and how their technology empowers digital transformation in your manufacturing organization, visit their booth at HMI 2018.