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4 must-do’s (and 3 trends to watch) for your trip to NRF 2020

Two customers shopping for headphones wearing VR devices

The world’s largest retail conference is fast approaching and we want to make sure you make the most of it. I love going to NRF because not only can we celebrate what went well coming off of our busiest time of year, but we can look forward to an exciting year ahead. I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe we are in 2020! There has never been a more exciting time to be at the intersection of retail and technology. Challenging? Certainly. Opportunity? Lots of it.

In fact, at NRF, I’m thrilled to talk about the opportunity we have as an industry with sustainability during my Retail 2020: The dawn of sustainability big ideas session. I think 2020 is going to be a breakout year for sustainability in retail because consumers are demanding it. We’re going to hear more about how retailers and brands are stepping up and embracing sustainability like never before. You’ll see new concepts from startups who are putting established players to shame and, of course, we’re excited to showcase the latest technology and the role it can play in enabling the industry to be more sustainable.

There are so many more things to see and do at NRF. In between networking and idea-gathering, make sure to carve out some time to check out the following:

  1. Hear Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, in the opening keynote discuss how technology is transforming the retail industry and how to deliver a superior customer experience.
  2. Sign up for a Microsoft booth tour (Booth #4501) and experience the technology as if you were walking inside a store. Whether its solutions for grocery, fashion, back office, out of store or supply chain, this tour will allow you to easily get up close and personal with the Microsoft vision for the future of retail.
  3. Tour our Flagship Microsoft store on 5th Avenue. At the crown jewel of Microsoft’s retail activations, this 90-minute tour will provide you insights into the vision and roadmap for store technology. You will learn how Microsoft strives to deliver best-in-class customer service and knowledge and hear from select store staff on their various roles and responsibilities, ranging from merchandising, planogram, and inventory to technical support, store management, small business sales, and community development.
  4. Visit the FQ lounge—We’re proud to present ideas on how women can help shape the future of AI and get more girls into STEM. These sessions fill up fast so plan to get there early!

NRF is also a great place to keep an eye on industry trends. Here are a few to keep an eye out for:

  1. Clickstream to brickstream: Transforming the store by bringing the best of digital and in-store together, consumers expect any engagement with a retailer to be seamless.
  2. AI drives ROI: AI is going to be a big one again this year, especially when we think about that seamless experience and being able to personalize products, promotions, and experiences.
  3. Last click to last mile: A laser focus on last-mile delivery to meet the consumer demand for speed and transparency.

I’m excited to showcase Microsoft’s and our partner solutions. I look forward to seeing you at the event where we can reimagine the future of the retail industry, together. To learn more about enabling intelligent retail and download the Retail Trends Playbook 2020.