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Microsoft for consumer goods

Connect your brands, employees, and consumers.
Microsoft for consumer goods

Evolve with consumer preferences

Meet consumer demands and drive sustainable growth with predictive analytics and data-driven insights.

Build brands people love

Deliver tailored marketing and drive brand equity with holistic consumer insights powered by data.

Develop next-gen products

Reduce time to market and drive efficiency with agile and collaborative design and production.

Create sustainable supply chains

Anticipate disruptions and enhance forecasting accuracy to optimize operations and sustainability.

Optimize routes-to-market

Increase sales, improve margins, and maximize profitability with data-driven channel strategies.

Achieve more with consumer goods solutions

Meet consumer demands, build brand loyalty, and drive sustainable growth with predictive analytics and data-driven insights.
  • Scale your brand using advanced AI targeting, boost engagement with data-driven insights, and protect brand reputation with robust safety features. 
  • Reduce support costs and improve overall customer satisfaction, encourage intuitive interactions, and enable consistent, data-driven experiences.
  • Gain a 360-degree unified view of consumer data, automate marketing execution, optimize marketing campaigns, and analyze consumer data profiles.
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Achieve more in consumer goods

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Connect with partners

Get in touch with trusted Microsoft partners to find up-to-date consumer goods services for your business needs.
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Visit a Microsoft Technology Center

Explore a range of tailored engagements and immersive experiences led by Microsoft senior architects and technical leaders.

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