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Deliver personalized insurance policyholder experiences

Microsoft and its partners enable insurers to deliver differentiated policy holder experiences that accelerate growth and loyalty through deeper customer insights and relationships.

Better understand customers, predict their needs, and accelerate policyholder decisions

Create personalized insurance offers

Gain a 360-degree view of internal and external data to predict customer needs and provide custom innovative insurance solutions.

Accelerate decisions and help when there is trouble

Augment human ingenuity with AI and cognitive capabilities to meet customers where they are.

Deepen customer insights

Enrich customer understanding and insights with internal and external data sources, including social​ media.

Leverage AI to drive decisions

Understand customer behavior and identify opportunities to provide real-time upsell/cross sell guidance.

Learn how insurers are delivering personalized insurance policyholder experiences

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Enable 4.5 million Facebook followers to ask questions and get quotes online without talking to an agent

Customers ask questions, get quotes, and converse with the company’s iconic spokesperson via Facebook Messenger.
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Swiss Re

Pioneering insurance model automatically pays travelers for delayed flights

A brand-new product is developed and in market quickly. The product’s platform helps drive continuous innovation throughout the company.
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Put an end to isolated systems

Improve customer core process that more quickly and effectively meets customer needs, while utilizing data security technology far ahead of today’s standards.
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Explore solutions to improve policyholder experiences and customer retention

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Unify sales and marketing to deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint.
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Flyreel Assistant AI

Create a more meaningful connection with customers by guiding them through inspections, loss control surveys, FNOL filings, and more.
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Computer vision assesses damage severity to vehicles optimizing the estimate and claims process. Save time with an insurance AI solution that writes and analyzes thousands of claims in minutes.
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