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Hemant Pathak articles

profile picture of hemant pathak, Assistant General Counsel, Lead Attorney for Microsoft US Sales & Marketing
Hemant Pathak
Associate General Counsel - Lead Attorney North America Sales, Marketing & Operations

At the Pittsburgh Tech & Data Summit: On balancing responsibility and innovation to unleash the transformative opportunities of artificial intelligence 

This week, I’m excited to travel to Pittsburgh to deliver a keynote speech at the inaugural Pittsburgh Tech & Data Summit. Hosted by Duquesne University, the summit brings together leaders from the region’s technology, legal, and business sectors to explore some of the issues that have emerged as the pace of technology-driven transformation accelerates, including

Empowering accessibility in manufacturing with AI 

At this juncture in the early stages of the AI-powered Fourth Industrial Revolution, a lot of attention has been paid to the possibility that millions of workers will be displaced by automation and robots, raising fears of rising unemployment in the years ahead. However, in the manufacturing industry today, the problem is not one of