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Valerie Beaulieu articles

valerie beaulieu
Valerie Beaulieu
Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft US

Marketing During Digital Transformation 

Recently at Adobe Summit Valerie Beaulieu gave a breakout session highlighting Microsoft’s journey to become a marketing leader in the digital landscape we all live in today. Below are 5 key learnings Valerie uses to frame the Microsoft story. If you’d like to learn more download the eBook How to demystify data and extract impactful

How to build a marketing services platform: learnings from our Microsoft journey 

The exciting frontier of modern marketing calls for fast-paced execution, innovation, and return on investment, while still maintaining privacy, accessibility, and legal compliance. To deliver on that broad promise, most successful CMOs choose to invest in technology platforms to support marketing operations and automation. According to Gartner, marketing technology represents 33% of the average marketing