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Exploring leadership in the digital age, Learning From Leaders, Episode 1

By: Katie Martell | Unapologetic Truth- Teller and Marketing Consultant

I have a reputation for being an “unapologetic truth-teller” in the world of business, and the truth of our digital age is that change is the only constant.

From marketing to finance, human resources to engineering, each function is redefining its norms to keep pace with technology and shifting consumer behaviors. It’s an exciting, and breathtaking time to be leading a business.

Recently, I was struck by the words of Microsoft’s leader, CEO Satya Nadella, who articulated, “Don’t be a know-it-all. Be a learn-it-all.”

It revealed Nadella’s new leadership outlook for Microsoft (no pun intended), emphasizing a culture based in curiosity, experimentation, and the pursuit of continuous learning. More than that, it also reminds every business leader how important it is to create an internal culture that is prepared to address change and adopt a “learn-it-all” mindset.

What does leadership look like in the digital age?

That’s the subject I’m hoping to explore in Learning from Leaders, a new video series in collaboration with Microsoft US that I am co-hosting with Dennis Williams II.

In the series, we are on a quest to talk in-depth with executives at firms who are navigating the changing waters of digital business. These organizations are facing the challenges of the digital age head-on, and each of our guests have a clear vision for the future founded in this mindset of continual learning, while embracing change to create new opportunities.

For our first video in the series, I’ll be sitting down with Microsoft US CMO Valerie Beaulieu (follow Valerie on LinkedIn). The series will also feature insights from executives including Nick Ragone (Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Ascension), Tessa Myers (President at Rockwell Automation), Andrea Elkin (Vice President and Head of Enterprise Learning at ADP), and Yvette White (General Manager of Human Resources at Microsoft US) with more to be announced.

Our conversations will range from digital transformation to change management. We’ll talk about the opportunities – and the challenges – presented by connected devices, IoT, the pressing demands of the customer experience and more. In addition, we’ll get to know their personal tips and tricks, lessons learned, keys for success, and advice for all current – and aspiring – business leaders.

We’re thrilled to be launching this series with Microsoft in Business, as it’s a remarkable chance to uncover the perspective of executives on the front lines of digital transformation. Now, more than ever, the business world needs to learn from clear, bold leaders who are embracing change. We can’t wait to share their insights with you!

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