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A conversation on transforming manufacturing and IIoT, Learning From Leaders, Episode 4

The age of intelligent manufacturing is here and innovators are leading the pack by digitally transforming their organizations. In this latest episode of Learning from Leaders, Tessa Myers, Regional President of Rockwell Automation for North America, shares how she is leading digital transformation for all of Rockwell Automation’s commercial operations in the United States and Canada. Marketing consultant, Katie Martell, speaks with her about what digital transformation means in the manufacturing sector, with a focus on how the Industrial Internet of Things is changing the way those in her line of business get the job done.


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Learning From Leaders is a Microsoft thought leadership series of in-depth conversations with executives at firms who are facing the challenges of the digital age head-on. Each episode features insight from leaders whose clear vision of the future is guiding them to a path of embracing change, made possible by a mindset of continual learning.

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