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Connection: how social media is changing the game, Learning from Leaders, Episode 8

Social media is a sea that is constantly in flux, with new channels opening up and trendy new players taking market share from aging platforms with regularity. Katrina Munsell, US Digital Lead and head of the Microsoft Customer Experience Center, says that “failing fast” is the key for an organization that exists in a perpetual state of testing. As she leads her team in leveraging social media to create personal connections with Microsoft’s customers, Munsell says that AI and other new technologies driving innovation make the future hard to pinpoint exactly—but that’s what makes the job of cultivating great customer experiences so exciting and rewarding.

In Episode 8 of Learning from Leaders, Microsoft’s thought leadership video series, host Katie Martell talks with Munsell about the clear pillars that aren’t going away: being data driven and enhancing personalization. Watch now to learn how you can foster genuine connection and create moments where your team and customers can have fun together as part of the process.

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Learning From Leaders is a Microsoft thought leadership series of in-depth conversations with executives at firms who are facing the challenges of the digital age head-on. Each episode features insight from leaders whose clear vision of the future is guiding them to a path of embracing change, made possible by a mindset of continual learning.
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