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The Grand Re-opening of the Chicago MTC: A commitment to Chicago

Todaywe at Microsoft are absolutely thrilled to showcase the grand re-opening of the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago. With 75,000 square feet of newly leased space, the Chicago MTC is all about helping local companies lead the way in digital innovation. With 18 years of history in the Chicago area, industry experts at the MTC serve as guides for local organizations, helping to identify the right technologies and strategies needed to elevate their vision. And, with interactive demonstrations and immersive experiences, companies can learn firsthand how to best leverage Microsoft technologies and partners to achieve their goals. 

With a long history of helping companies use technology to solve their biggest challenges and seize their opportunities, Microsoft has become a trusted partner to businesses large and small. We work closely with business leaders to re-envision their companies and embrace bringing together people, data, and processes to create new value. 

The multimillion-dollar investment Microsoft has made in refreshing the Chicago MTC is a big statement: Microsoft is committed to Chicago. Such a commitment means investing resources in what is important to the community, including 

  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Active participation in city communities at a grassroots and leadership level 
  • Resources to cultivate tech-rich ecosystems for residents, small businesses, and others 

To help achieve these goals, Microsoft has partnered with World Business Chicago and Connect Chicago 

“Microsoft’s partnership with World Business Chicago and Connect Chicago represents a significant opportunity to positively impact Chicago’s neighborhoods. Digital skills are key to economic success in the 21st century and we appreciate what this alliance aims to accomplish in our local communities.” 

 – Shelley Stern Grach, Director + Community Advocate, Microsoft Chicago  

Microsoft is dedicated to driving community empowerment and achieving growth in the city of Chicago. With 400 employees in the city, and the potential to develop many more, we can’t wait to see what we can do together in the next 18 years.