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Microsoft and Mazik Global: Partnering to Turn Vaccines into Vaccinations

As COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more widely available, Microsoft is working intently with partners such as Mazik Global to help state and local governments deploy vaccine management solutions that meet their unique and ever evolving needs. I recently sat down with Mohammed Asif, Corporate Vice President and Peter Lane, Vice President of Client Engagement at Mazik Global to discuss how our platforms are being used and why now, more than ever, it’s so important to find solutions that are scalable, flexible, and modular. 

Reimagined Vaccine Management Solution

MazikCare VaccineFlow solution is built on PowerApps and uses proven templates to implement scalable solutions to accelerate the mass distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. “The beauty of leveraging Power Apps is in the low-code, no-code approach,” said Peter. “This means we can iterate the solution rapidly to meet individual county needs as they’re continuously shifting and realize fully viable deployments in as little as three weeks.”  

Working with Mazik Global and Microsoft, government and healthcare providers can tweak the solution to fit their specific needs, load data quickly, and conduct HL7-based integration with their existing state Immunization Information Systems. The platform also works equally well to integrate with newer systems and legacy EMRs. Providers using VaccineFlow can seek out specific populations based on at-risk criteria to prioritize distribution. Patients can self-monitor and have peace of mind to head-off adverse reactions. Also, the ability to monitor inventory levels, as well as the temperature of the vials, helps providers get the vaccine to patients quickly.

“The best way to help citizens right now is to limit the number of technology integrations and go for what is really important – getting them efficiently scheduled so they know where and when to show up,” said Peter. “VaccineFlow is doing this efficiently, simply, and is easy enough for use by multi-generations.” 

One key reason behind VaccineFlow’s agility in deployment is its modular nature. “Some counties already have systems in place and only need one element, such as the public portal piece,” explained Mohammed. “Those counties can plug in that functionality and start diverting calls from overwhelmed government offices, begin facilitating adverse reaction reporting, and state vaccination registry reporting.” 

Turning Vaccines into Vaccinations

Denton County, Texas supports a population of 1,000,000 constituents and needed a scalable plan to implement mass COVID-19 vaccinations. The solution provided scheduling, verifying eligibility, and administration dashboard for vaccine inventory management and reporting. Vaccinations got underway at the Texas Motor Speedway and were completed at a rate of 1,000 vaccinations per hour for 10,000 per day, on the first day of offering the vaccine. Denton County’s efforts are making their constituents feel safer and is bringing them one step closer to getting back to normal. 

Back to School with Data

The platform’s flexibility is another key aspect that makes VaccineFlow ideal for governments and organizations as they continually evaluate their changing needs. For example, Vanderbilt University chose Mazik Global’s Back to School solution to track COVID symptoms and infections. This low-code solution offered Vanderbilt one of the fastest implementation times available and rolled out to its 21,000-user base in less than three weeks. The team also empowered Vanderbilt’s staff to configure their own risk management workflows at any time, ensuring flexibility that will continue accommodating future needs beyond COVID. “Vanderbilt University has been able to leverage MazikCare Back-to-Work app built on Microsoft PowerApps to keep track of all the Covid-19 data for our University population and have real-time access from one centralized location.” The platform has made contact tracing fast and simple, offers instant communication to all users, and gives decision makers instant access to all COVID-19 data in one place. Most importantly, it allowed campus life to continue on with the knowledge that everyone’s safety is top of mind. 

Join Us

We invite you to attend the upcoming webinar on March 24, 2021 at 2:00 pm ET to hear from Microsoft and Mazik Global experts on how simple it is to implement a vaccine solution to support your municipality and community goals. Even if a solution is already in place, you can learn ways to identify potential gaps, how to better scale and accelerate vaccinations, and how to plan beyond COVID to instill health and peace of mind for your community.  

For additional information on Mazik Global’s solutions and partnership with Microsoft, please visit: MazikGlobal, VaccineFlow Demo and VaccineFlow on Microsoft AppSource.