women working on her laptop.Business operations have transformed tremendously over the course of 2020. Leaders across all industriesincluding financial serviceshave evolved how they communicate, collaborate, problem solve, and lead teams in a remote and hybrid work cultureAnd today, many of those leaders shepherdinfinancial services companies through challenging times of change are womenA study by Oliver Wyman found that women now make up 20% of executive committees and 23% of boards at major financial institutions1. 

Watch the Empowering Women in Financial Services event on-demand 

During the 3rd Empowering Women in Financial Services Virtual Community Eventpioneering women in the field shared experience-based thought leadership on how the current environment has impacted: 

  • work culture within their organizations
  • personal career development
  • leading during this unprecedented era  
  • and being properly supported

The eventnow available to watch on-demandfeatures executives from global financial services companies such as Microsoft, JP Morgan, American Express and Capital One. Key topics and themes include: the digitization of financial servicesthe rise of women in the industrywomen solving problems for womenand the ascent of missiondriven brands.  

Heres just a sampling of our panelists’ conversations: 

On the current environment 

Panel participants reflected on where society and social justice are at this critical moment, specifically for black and brown women. The discussion includes reflections on what financial services companies are doing to create more diverse teams.

On lessons learned while leading during difficult times 

During COVID-19 shutdowns worldwide, remote work culture became a universal norm. Panel participants talk about how they now communicate differently internally to put their customers first. By working backwards from the customer’s point of view to emphasize empathypanelists share strategies to encourage a more compassionate approach from the inside, out.

On the evolution of personal career development  

Being a successful leader during the current moment is about both recognizing and accepting reality. As women continue to assume executive leadership positions, it will be important for each leader to acknowledge the uncertainty of the moment and that no one has all the answers upfront. Everyone is learning together as they face each new obstacle and it’s important for women leaders to cultivate a culture of flexibility. On the topic of flexibility, panelists share how they’re balancing their careers while managing the realities of home lives, childrearing, and schooling transformed by social distancing. The culture of work-life balance must also evolve, and this evolution starts with being both supportive and supported.

On sharing leadership stories during challenging times  

As more women continue to rise to and assume executive leadership roles, the sharing of stories will continue to be important. Executives should also continue to discuss how they, as leaders, balance both their personal and professional lives. 

Other topics discussed include: 

  • What has changed on Wall Street to achieve the first glass ceiling shattered, and what other systems now need to change? What scaffolding needs put in place to close the gender and seniority gap? 
  • What strengths have you leaned on to lead your company and people, from economic crises to humanitarian ones? On the flipside, what blind spots have you had to work around? 
  • How do you see technology being applied to solve today’s business challenges? What are the important areas of innovation that will change your business? 

Get perspectives on these and other timely topics from pioneering women in the field. Hear more from women leaders in financial services about how the new normal is reshaping realities at work and at home. Watch the virtual event on-demand now.