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Simplifying Data and Machine Learning Pipeline with FHIR

Heather Jordan Cartwright | GM, Microsoft Health

Samir Manjure | Co-founder and CEO, KenSci

Introducing the SMART on FHIR based Data and AI Accelerator 

Today, via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, we’re excited to introduce the SMART on FHIR Data and AI Accelerator – an exciting new managed service offering from KenSci targeted to healthcare organizations.

Through collaboration with Microsoft and cuttingedge FHIR capabilities in the cloud, the KenSci AI Accelerator simplifies the transition of your data to the cloud and puts actionable machine learning output in the hands of your team. Using the KenSci AI Accelerator, you can rapidly deploy care management insights and operational efficiencies, trained with your organizational data, to deliver lower cost, higher quality care. It works with your data, in your Azure environmentso your team can trust, build, and innovate in a highly secure pipeline Simply put, the KenSci AI Accelerator automates the difficult problems around data integration and machine learning so you can do more. 

Cloud technology is changing the paradigm of how healthcare is delivered, but it doesn’t have to be complex. With the right technologies, it’s possible to easily take advantage of cloudbased tools for machine learning (ML) to make healthcare more predictive, at scale, across multiple touch pointsAI solutions like the KenSci AI Accelerator are bridging that complexity and getting health systems started with real results, delivering impact at the first interaction.  Perhaps most importantly, as health systems engage in the platform, machine learning models becomes transparent, are founded on explainable AI, and focus on assistive intelligence to your team.  

Health management designed for cloud-based Machine Learning 

Successful health organizations know the importance of bringing together different skills to solve problems. Partnering for deep AI expertise in healthcare data management allows health organizations to move faster and deliver new health solutions at scale.   

Key features of the KenSci’s SMART on FHIR based Data and AI Accelerator on Microsoft Azure will provide customers with: 

  • A standardized reference architecture, deployed as a code, and a mechanism to streamline implementation of cloud and data infrastructure in few clicks.  
  • A simplified data ingestion service from multiple systems of records across EMR, Claims, HL7, IoMT (the Internet of Medical Things), etc. into the cloud in a way that will accelerate machine learning for the future. The service continuously monitors incoming data for quality, transforms the data into FHIR format and preps the data for advanced analytics workloads. 
  • Outof-the-box app templates and dashboard to increase opportunities to use and learn from the data they already have, in real time.  
  • Data agility to unlock data available across systems in a common, interoperable format. The service, through its integration of Azure Databricks, comes packaged with interactive notebooks that let data scientists connect to common data sources, run machine learning algorithms and collaborate on a centralized data source.  

Get Started Today 

Getting started with the service is easy and is done through the Azure Marketplace.  Availability on Azure Marketplace makes it easy for companies to deploy, operate, and scale their data environments with pay-as-you-go pricing. Through Azure Marketplace, customers worldwide can easily find, buy, and deploy partner solutions they can trust, all certified and optimized to run on Azure. The offering launches and manages a bundle of Azure services in each Azure customer’s subscription, letting customers leverage existing management tools within their account. Key Azure services, including Azure API for FHIR, Azure SQL, Azure DataBricks, Azure Data Factory, Azure Power BI and Teams are deployed as a resource group within a customer’s VNET. The service leverages Azure Container Service internally to run control-pane and data-plane via containers. The service deploys in customer subscription; therefore, customers can take advantage of Azure Active Directory to control access to resources, results, etc.

Collaborations like this one are expanding enterprise-grade data management and ML applications for the future of the healthcare industry.  We are optimistic about the potential to reimagine healthcare using the cloud, and excited to see more partners and customers embrace interoperability and drive innovation across the ecosystem. 

Learn more on Azure Marketplace  

Let us know what you think of the Accelerator!   For details on how to get started, see the overview documentation. For more information, please visit the pricing page.