Empowering Tribal groups to achieve more

We think about the word "empowering" expansively. Empowering everyone on the planet to achieve more means building platforms and products designed for all individuals—small-business owners, researchers, students, professionals, developers, entrepreneurs, and people with any ability or income level.

We provide optimized solutions for business productivity, collaboration, automation, data management, business intelligence, security and other information worker needs. Additionally, we offer back-office solutions for email, ERP, database, infrastructure, and server management. Over the last several years, tribes have been taking advantage of Microsoft's Cloud Platform with Office 365 for worker productivity and Azure for SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, which reduce the costs associated with managing a datacenter.

Find out why Microsoft is the right choice for your organization

The dedicated Tribal Team at Microsoft, led by Don Lionetti, is ready to help you optimize all that Microsoft provides for the Tribal Market. Call the Microsoft Tribal Team to join the over 300 Tribal groups who already have comprehensive enterprise licensing agreements for Microsoft products.

For more information on how Microsoft can help you with our software and hardware solutions, please contact your Microsoft Tribal Team:

Don Lionetti
(425) 706-9199

For information about TribalNet/TribalHub please email contactus@tribalhub.com.