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The Open Manufacturing Platform allows industrial manufacturers to work together to break down data silos and overcome the challenges of complex, propriety systems that slow down production optimization. By leveraging existing proven solutions, manufacturers can unlock the potential of their data, integrate industrial solutions more quickly and securely and benefit from the contributions of other community members while owning their own IP and data.

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Open Manufacturing Platform FAQs

Any company or organization interested in joining the OMP community can reach out to the BMW Group or Microsoft directly at or The OMP Advisory Board is expected to be in operation with an initial set of 4-6 partners in place and a minimum of 15 use cases rolled out into select production environments by the end of 2019.

Organizations that share the values and spirit of the OMP are invited to join the community. All partners can contribute to shaping the future of the platform by focusing on common industrial use cases, sample code, and challenges. In addition to facilitating cross-industry collaboration, the platform approach unlocks and standardizes data models that enable analytics and machine learning scenarios, which has traditionally been inaccessible in proprietary systems. Community members and other partners will be able to develop their own services and solutions while maintaining control over their data.


The shapes and forms of membership will be further developed over the next few months into various tiers. The mindset of the OMP community typically requires members to contribute to use cases with open standards and open source components defined by OMP, cooperate and share a set of information with the OMP community about the roadmap of use cases to be developed and made available for the OMP community, and ultimately, to help define the list of requirements for the benefit of the community.

We promote an open community approach. Thus, there is no membership fee.

Community members submitting a use case own their data and IP.

We cooperate with communities, organizations, and initiatives (e.g. ROS community, OPC Foundation) and will share solutions back to enable interoperability and data exchange.

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