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Digital advisors lead organizations on their journeys to put continuous innovation into practice while delivering stakeholder value through the best use of Microsoft's platform and ecosystem.

World-class organizational support

Delivering expertise, ingenuity, and empowerment for what comes next.

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Ingenuity in action

“We are identifying partners who will help us create new profit streams and accelerate business growth. We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft to redefine grocery retail.”
- Rodney McMullen, Chairman and CEO

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An enhanced strategy through expertise

“We know how to find people jobs. Microsoft knows technology. For us, it was a match made in heaven. We wanted to ensure we were partnering with the leading technology giant and we provide our domain expertise to create excellence.”
- Marcus Sawyerr, President

Auckland Transport

Empowering organizations to reach new heights

“These systems are helping us be more citizen-centric and making Auckland a more attractive place to live. They reduce frustration, provide information, increase ridership, and let citizens know we are working on their behalf.”
- Roger Jones, CIO

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