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Ongoing empowerment

“Microsoft Services empowers our customers by making them able to use our newest technologies effectively in their businesses and by training their staffs to be more adept at using technology.”


—Kristin Johnsen, Corporate VP of Microsoft Services

Empowerment that inspires and continues through the solution lifecycle

A job isn’t complete until you feel confident and self-reliant in the changes you’re making. We empower our customers to fearlessly fly solo.

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Enabling self-sufficiency

“Our metrics continue to trend up in terms of usage of all products…. Our return-user rates were at 98 percent within the first four months.”


—Diana McAlpine, Strategy and Capability Manager

Devon County Council

Managing change

“Because of the ACM training, I feel very confident that I can deliver that methodology.”


—Sarah Elliott, Adoption and Change Manager

Sustaining transformation

“We engaged Microsoft Services to not only deploy the technology for our business needs, but also to help us develop insights … bring new offerings to the market.”


—Henning Goldmann, Chief Supply Chain Officer

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