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Your customer is an equipment service manager who leverages your equipment for a critical step within the supply chain process. Her or she is responsible for uptime and operational efficiency.

Maintenance event

Proactive alerts are created via thousands of sensors and sent to multiple devices. For our example, the service equipment manager for one of your customers receives an alert on his smartphone indicating that one of your refrigeration units is erratically pulling power.

To understand scope and urgency, your customer checks the maintenance dashboard. Comparing activity to similar models, the dashboard indicates that if left untreated cost projections will become problematic. Using the guided warehouse map, the service equipment manager heads-off to verify the equipment for himself. Finding excessive moisture on the evaporator coil, he decides to contact refrigeration manufacturer – your company.

Owns equipment repair

Your field technician executes issue resolution on or off-site, observes technical design problems, and documents conditions affecting uptime.

Remote support and expertise

Your field technician is informed of your customers issue and uses voice recognition to access a digital assistant, which promptly acknowledges receipt of the issue via text. Once connected into a shared customer dashboard, your technician can review the customer’s issue and service history details. Equipped with context, a call is placed to your customer to share the recommendation.

Your field technician arrives on site and seeks advice by leveraging mixed reality to share the issue details with a remote expert. Now with immediate access, your expert who’s miles away, can investigate and facilitate repair without travel delays, maximizing customer uptime.

As your field technician checks the evaporator assembly, the schematic intelligently adjusts to highlight the exact details of that equipment component. As live video and the corresponding schematic details are viewed side by side, if an issue is detected, an alert would suggest further investigation.

Owns production process

Your plant operations manager proactively and reactively manages the plant operations to optimize productivity.

Monitoring services and insights

With the ability to aggregate sensor data, customer data, and technician insights, your plant operations manager and product development manager can intentionally review historical and real time data with optimizations in mind.

With details like average service requests per minute, energy consumption, system uptime, and overall equipment efficiency data available, issue resolution is expedited.

With access to valuable data insights, emerging problems and new opportunities can be identified and used to improve your product and services offerings.

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