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From groundbreaking medical advancements to renewable energy pioneers, you’ll hear stories from inspiring people at the forefront of these transformations and how they are implementing new visions forward for their businesses.

Emma Walmsley, GSK

September 1, 2022

Miriam Vogel, Equal AI

June 21, 2022

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Headshot of Arianna Huffington

Thrive with Arianna Huffington

One in five Americans struggle with some form of mental illness each year, according to the CDC, and the global pandemic added more stress to everyone’s lives. Arianna Huffington launched Thrive in 2016 to help the world’s leading companies combat employee burnout. She joins hosts and Omar Abbosh to discuss how Thrive is using cutting-edge behavior technology to decrease employee burnout and improve overall health and wellness.

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Headshot of Terry Myerson with a wave in the background

Saving lives with data: Terry Myerson – Part 1 & 2

The last two years have taught us the vital importance of better, faster, and more precise healthcare information. Hosts Omar Abbosh and interview Truveta CEO Terry Myerson about building a new company—during a worldwide health crisis—whose mission is to save lives with data. He reveals how he and his team dealt with fast-tracking data from clinical trials, getting 16 health systems to join in, and addressing the challenges of fragmentation of medical information. In episode two, they continue their conversation about the benefits of collecting healthcare data from wearable tech and how the company hopes to empower artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor data.

Headshot of Henrietta Fore with a wave in the background

Lessons from a lifetime of services with Henrietta Fore – Part 1 & 2

Henrietta Fore is retiring from an incredible career in public policy as the Executive Director of UNICEF—one of the world’s oldest, largest, and most important multinational charitable organizations. She joins hosts Omar Abbosh and to reflect on her time at UNICEF and discuss the role of technology in supporting children around the world. She also reveals her insights on the importance of listening to children and the art of bridge-building in partisan times.

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Headshot of Cemal Ezel with a wave in the background

Grounds for action with Cemal Ezel – Part 1 & 2

Homelessness is found on every continent. Hosts Omar Abbosh and talk with Cemal Ezel, CEO of London-based Change Please, a nonprofit that uses technology to combat homelessness. In this series, Cemal shares how cities can use technology to combat homelessness—one cup at a time—by using coffee sales to provide resources like job training, medical support, and housing. In the follow-up minisode, they discuss the organization’s innovative move to convert cruise ships into housing for those in need.

Headshot of Alistar Phillips-Davies with a wave in the background

The business of sustainability with Alistair Phillips-Davies – Part 1 & 2

In the inaugural Changemakers episode, Omar Abbosh and have a conversation with Alistair Phillips-Davies, CEO of SSE, a Scotland-based $23B energy company. Alistair is transforming SEE into a renewable energy company, and he believes renewables like wind can be a primary source of energy—and profits. This is the story of how one company is forging new profit models around saving the earth.

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A transformative series co-hosted by Omar Abbosh and as they talk to global leaders bravely taking their organizations into the future.

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Omar Abbosh

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