Empowering a seismic shift in Botswana’s economy

Botswana is rich in diamonds, yet historically the most value was seen outside of the country, beyond the raw stone stage. HB Antwerp envisioned a win-win transformation. For the first time, miners and governments can get complete insight into the post-production value of their resources and partake in the financial benefits.


Shai de Toledo, HB Antwerp’s Co-founder and Managing Partner, summarized the project’s importance: “We can take an individual stone and document, in a verifiable way, every time it has been touched … We’re looking to completely reinvent the diamond supply chain.”

Creating a more equitable future for an entire industry

Changemakers empower others to revolutionize and disrupt

The leadership at HB Antwerp saw Microsoft’s expertise in supply-chain transformation as the key to realizing their vision to transform the diamond supply chain for good—bringing truth, sustainability, and more equitable practices through technology. Together they created a seismic shift in the diamond industry and a new way for countries like Botswana to retain more value from their natural resources.