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Transform your business with Microsoft IoT

Why choose Microsoft IoT?

Access a comprehensive portfolio

Access a comprehensive portfolio

Find the products, services, and solutions you need to make the most of IoT business opportunities across devices, cloud, analytical capabilities, and business systems.

Bring IoT to any device, any platform

Bring IoT to any device, any platform

Deliver a flexible, scalable solution that adapts to your needs and processes. Connect to your choice of devices and operating systems, while using your existing infrastructure.

Rely on a commitment to IoT

Rely on a commitment to IoT

Get more than an IoT vision. Because we've been investing in the Internet of Things before it was even called that, you can rely on a commitment to bring support and rapid innovation to your solutions, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Get trusted support

Get trusted support

Trust decades of experience and security working with companies like yours. Support your solution with enterprise technology designed for the needs of business, as well as our vast network of partners.

What people are talking about

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Schneider Electric uses Microsoft IoT to improve irrigation and save precious freshwater resources.

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Cut through the hype around IoT with straightforward, expert advice.

10 reasons you need an IoT strategy

Learn how IoT can transform your business and make it thrive.

Maximizing the impact of your IoT proof of concept

Determine how to drive a successful proof of concept to reach your IoT goals.

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