Propel driving and business innovation with connected vehicle technology

Why partner with Microsoft for your connected vehicles?

Rely on a trusted partnership

Retain full ownership and control of your customer experience, data, and brand—knowing Microsoft is a partner who won’t build cars that compete with your brand.

Build on a global cloud infrastructure

Support IoT-connected vehicle solutions with a scalable, global platform that features worldwide datacenters, more than 200 cloud services, and the security and compliance you require.

Use an open, flexible platform

Work with the hardware and software from your preferred providers on an agile platform that can be customized and tailored to your specific needs.

Get the IoT expertise you need

Rely on decades of experience in the connected things space that deliver the solutions and services you need for working with connected devices at scale.

Innovate with artificial intelligence capabilities

Deliver better experiences by building artificial intelligence capabilities into your solutions, including speech interpretation and facial recognition APIs.

Use industry-leading productivity tools

Help your customers remain productive while moving from their home to car to workplace with proven productivity tools that enable more secure, fluid transitions.

Graphic image of a car on the highway with buildings in the background.

Go under the hood of our connected vehicle platform

Learn how Microsoft helps the automotive industry create connected cars by combing IoT, data analytics, productivity tools, and a global cloud infrastructure in this Empowering Automotive Innovation white paper.

A truck parked on a gravel road as a tornado is approaching in the distance.

Fathym enhances driver safety

With their IoT-enabled WeatherCloud, Fathym delivers near real-time road conditions and weather data to help drivers reduce delays and accidents.

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