The Internet of Things isn’t just things

How Microsoft solves common IoT challenges

Get started quickly

Microsoft can help you ramp your IoT initiatives quickly with preconfigured solutions and SaaS offerings.

Integrate with your current infrastructure

Connect just about anything from your existing systems using the open platform of Microsoft IoT.

Scale when you’re ready

Create an IoT solution that will grow with you, since Microsoft IoT offerings are built to scale.

Keep security at the forefront

Cover your bases with an end-to-end approach to security at the device, connection, and cloud levels.

How businesses use IoT

IoT helps businesses perform predictive maintenance, track production line efficiency, monitor devices, and detect and troubleshoot issues remotely—all areas that have huge implications for revenue. McKinsey estimates the IoT could bring as much as $2.3 trillion in new economic value worldwide by the year 2025.

That’s one of the reasons we’re seeing enormous growth in IoT—and the management and security challenges that go with it. As businesses rely more heavily on IoT for their operations, they need the right IoT platform to capture and analyze all that data and manage everything securely.

Become a Microsoft IoT partner

Whether you create devices, ensure security, integrate systems, or create your own software offering, joining the Microsoft partner community can unlock new opportunities to expand your business.

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Get the most value from your data

Learn about the relationship between IoT and advanced analytics.

PaaS vs. SaaS

Understand the difference between these two approaches to IoT.

Tackle IoT issues

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