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Securing your IoT infrastructure

IoT presents tremendous opportunities for businesses, but it also introduces significant challenges. An IoT solution brings together the risks of a cyber infrastructure with those of the physical world. To address these new risks, you need to secure your IoT infrastructure end-to-end, from physical devices to services and data in the cloud.

The three components of a secure IoT solution

Take these steps to secure your IoT solution

Learn IoT security best practices

These best practices will help you apply a rigorous IoT security strategy across data in the cloud, data in transmission, and data on industrial devices.

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Evaluating your IoT security

Learn how to approach the new threats and consequences facing your business with the Internet of Things, whether you have an existing solution or you’re creating a new one.

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Find a Security Program partner

Work with best-in-class security auditors who have multiple areas of expertise. They’ll provide an independently validated security assessment of your IoT solution, find issues, and provide recommendations. Protect your IoT investments with the Security Program for Azure IoT and Microsoft’s holistic approach to security.

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