Azure IoT Central

Build powerful IoT applications with our fully managed, global scale, IoT software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that makes it easy to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT assets at scale. Amplify the value of your assets and bring your connected solutions to market faster—while you stay focused on your customers.

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Connected field service

Detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely before your customers know there's a problem. When an issue escalates, automatically dispatch the best technician and tools to deliver a first-time fix.

Tablet showing Rockwell Automation map.

Predictive maintenance

Anticipate your maintenance needs to prevent equipment failures and avoid unscheduled downtime. Analyze streaming data to quickly assess conditions, recognize warning signs, and preemptively service equipment before costly repairs are needed.

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Tablet with Fleet Management map.

Remote monitoring

Reduce manual, time-intensive processes when you connect and monitor your business devices and assets. Access, analyze, and use previously untapped data to automate business processes and trigger automatic alerts and actions, such as remote diagnostics, to help increase efficiencies and decrease costs.

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Connected factory

Accelerate your move to Industry 4.0 to drive operational productivity and profitability. Connect and monitor your industrial equipment and devices in the cloud—using OPC Unified Architecture—for insightful analytics that help optimize performance and efficiencies across your industrial devices, production lines, and factory as a whole.

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Smart buildings

Reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and increase occupant satisfaction and productivity using IoT. Gain actionable insights and control by connecting building devices and systems, collecting data, and running powerful analytics.

Connected vehicles

Take advantage of industry leading technology to transform and optimize your transportation solutions. Track and route your moving assets more efficiently, anticipate vehicle maintenance, reduce costs, and deliver new services to your customers. Azure IoT—your connection to deeper insights into things that move.

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Digital signage

Transform the way your business interacts with its audiences. Enable targeted visual messaging with digital signage solutions while increasing customer engagement and decreasing costs.

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