Why Azure IoT Central

Why Azure IoT Central

Discover how you can transform your business and create new opportunities to delight your customers with connected products. Learn more about the Internet of Things and the benefits of Microsoft Azure IoT Central by downloading our Connected Products whitepaper.

Simplify IoT with a fully managed SaaS solution

Azure IoT Central breaks down barriers to deriving business benefits from IoT by reducing the time, skills and investment required to develop and deploy a robust enterprise-grade IoT solution. With this end-to-end IoT solution, you can get started quickly – connecting devices in seconds and moving from concept to production in hours – and monitor and manage your IoT assets at scale. Azure IoT Central also takes the guesswork out of pricing with simple and comprehensive pricing that makes easier to plan your IoT investments and achieve your connected product vision.


Built on Azure, the industry-leading global cloud platform, Azure IoT Central enables you to seamlessly scale your IoT solution from a few devices to tens of thousands of connected products as your needs grow. As you connect more products, testing maximum volume and variable peak loads, Azure IoT Central automatically adapts to meet your needs. And with the power of the cloud, device provisioning and updating support is easily centrally managed regardless of the scale or location of your connected things.

Azure IoT Central enables you to take advantage of a fully managed IoT software-a-a-service (SaaS) solution with the global scale and enterprise support you need. Now you can create connected products that delight your customers and open new opportunities for your business without the difficulty of planning and managing your own connected products infrastructure.

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Azure IoT Central is Scalable
Why Azure IoT Central? Privacy


In a world where data has been touted as the new currency, data privacy and protection is a paramount concern. IoT devices and sensors create a tremendous amount of data that enterprises can use to drive efficiencies, create new insights and even develop competitive advantage – but your data is only going to be valuable to your organization if you can control how and where it is stored, who has access to it, and how it’s shared.

To help ensure only the right people have access to the right data from your solution, Azure IoT Central leverages industry-leading privacy standards and technologies to help ensure your data is only accessible to the right people in your organization. With IoT privacy features, such as role-based access and integration with your Active Directory permissions, you can stay in control of your data.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the wave of the future, offering businesses immediate and real-world opportunities to reduce costs, increase revenue, and transform their business. However, due to the utilization of sensitive data, IoT poses unique security, privacy, and compliance challenges to businesses worldwide.

Unlike traditional cyber technology where security challenges emerge around software and how it is implemented, IoT concerns what happens when the cyber and the physical worlds converge. Protecting IoT solutions requires ensuring secure provisioning of devices, secure connectivity between these devices and the cloud, and secure data protection in the cloud during processing and storage. With Azure IoT Central, end to end IoT security features are built into the managed cloud solution from the ground up, so you have peace of mind about connecting your products.

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Why Azure IoT Central? Security
Why MS IoT Central - Partner Ecosystem

IoT Partner Ecosystem

Take the first step into the world of connected products with the help of trusted partners who can configure Azure IoT Central for your business needs. Leverage the skills and expertise of our experienced partners to simplify the experience of getting started, maintaining your solution and integrating it into the rest of your business, so you can stay focused on your business objectives.

With a broad range of IoT partners within the ecosystem, you’ll have the support you need throughout the lifecycle of your connected products, so you can drive digital transformation across your organization and product portfolio. Get started today by selecting a partner best suited to your needs, based on industry, geography, solution offering, expertise and more.

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