Surface Hub

Find tools and resources to help you install, set up, and manage a Surface Hub in your organization.


Discover how this all-in-one productivity device enables teams to better brainstorm, collaborate, and share ideas.


Prepare to deploy Surface Hub in your organization. Explore site readiness, assembly, configuration, and Exchange and ActiveSync policies.

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Get ready for Surface Hub

Explore the steps you'll need to take to set up Surface Hub.

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Assembly for Surface Hub

Learn how to assemble your Surface Hub.

Illustration of a Surface screen showing the clock and settings.

Prepare your environment

Learn about setup dependencies and account requirements.


Get information for setup, app management and installation, and network management of your Surface Hub.

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Set up your Surface Hub

Review info needed to prepare for using the out-of-box experience to set up your Surface Hub.

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Install apps

Options for installing and managing apps on your Surface Hub.

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Network your Surface Hub

Network scenarios for your Surface Hub.


Learn how to manage Surface Hub updates, and maintain the security and integrity of corporate devices.

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Manage the device

Monitoring for Surface Hub is performed through Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS).

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Manage account

Learn about options for managing accounts used with Surface Hub.

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Stay secure and up to date

Learn how Surface Hub stays current.

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Training for your employees

Find resources to help employees be productive with Surface Hub.

Stay informed