Windows Autopilot for Surface

What is Windows Autopilot?

Windows Autopilot is a cloud-based deployment solution that allows for automatic zero-touch deployment of devices over the internet right from unboxing. Windows Autopilot uses modern management solutions such as Azure Active Directory and Mobile Device Management to configure devices remotely without the need for traditional deployment processes like reimaging.

You can read more about Windows Autopilot on Surface devices in the Windows Autopilot and Surface Devices article from the Surface Docs Library.

How can I get Surface devices set up for Windows Autopilot?

When you purchase Surface devices from a Surface partner enabled for Windows Autopilot, your new devices can be enrolled in your Windows Autopilot deployment for you by the partner. Surface partners enabled for Windows Autopilot include:

What if I already have devices that I want to deploy with Windows Autopilot?

For devices already in your possession, see the Windows Autopilot documentation for more information.