Windows as a service

Find the tools and resources you need to help deploy and support Windows as a service in your organization.


Learn more about Windows as a service and its value to your organization.

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What is Windows as a service?

Learn more about the fundamentals of Windows as a service and the value of staying up to date.

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Culture shift: How do I prepare my organization?

Windows 10 makes significant changes to the way Windows is deployed and kept up to date. Here you'll find key concepts, terminology and processes for Windows as a service.

Deployment planning

Understand how to implement Windows as a service effectively using the right tools, products, and strategies.

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Windows Insider Program for Business

Testing early builds of Windows 10 ahead of public availability can help your organization dramatically accelerate the update process.

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Now that you’re on the Windows as a service train, let’s talk about Update Compliance, issue resolution and ongoing support.

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