Windows Server

Find tools and other resources to help you deploy and support Windows Server in your organization.


Prepare to deploy Windows Server in your organization. Explore the new servicing model, review changes to Nano Server, and get the latest release.

Plan and Deploy

Prepare to deploy Windows Server in your organization. Explore deployment methods, compatibility tools, and servicing options.

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I want my servers to be on the cutting edge

Join the Semi-Annual Channel by installing Windows Server, version 1709.

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I need servers with long-term stability

Install or keep using Windows Server 2016.

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I need the super-light weight of Nano Server

Enjoy all the benefits of Nano Server--kept fresh through the Semi-Annual Channel--by running it in a container host.


Learn how to manage Windows Server, both remotely and on-premises, whether a physical or virtual machine.

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Working with Server Core

Windows Server, version 1709 is installable only in Server Core mode. These show you how to get everything done in this environment:

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Managing remotely

There are a variety of options for managing Windows Server.

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Microsoft Project Honolulu

Project Honolulu consolidates all your management tools into a single interface.

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Use the following links when you run into a problem with Windows Server:

Stay Informed