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Cloud computing changes everything, powered by Azure

Microsoft is building an intelligent cloud platform to give your enterprise the technology needed to be more agile, responsive, and competitive in a crowded marketplace. Cloud computing is changing technology as we know it in virtually every industry, and will surely continue to transform our workplaces and our lives. IT organizations need to be able to move quickly to support new initiatives, design agile solutions, and deliver valuable resources.

Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO) built and deployed our large-scale infrastructure and services in Azure, and we manage it across the cloud and on-premises. This deep cloud expertise means we can help with adoption, best practices, and quick, seamless paths to cloud solutions at your company.

Cloud infrastructure

Microsoft has moved boldly into our cloud-connected future, migrating many of our own applications into Azure infrastructure services. This cloud infrastructure supports a range of hosted apps, services, and key business processes.


CSEO set out to automate our cloud infrastructure management systems, aiming to ensure consistent, efficient deployment and configuration operations, all while reducing error-prone manual processes. We use a range of Azure tools and services to manage the components of infrastructure-as-a-service resources.

Data platform

Cloud adoption means more than deployment and upgrades; it means providing people with seriously powerful data and analytics that lead to business insights and better products. It means top-notch security, stellar data management, and unprecedented business intelligence. As Microsoft has worked to transition all of our critical business functions to the cloud, the importance of an effective data platform has become all too clear.

CSEO has moved our database environment to Azure, while protecting our most hyper-sensitive information and focusing on strategic database administration. Using tools like Azure Machine Learning and the Cortana Intelligence Suite, we optimized predictive analytics, streamlined financial processes, and built a scalable, cloud-based platform that generates and manages predictive models for our sales and marketing organization.

Cloud application development

Cloud computing can transform your work culture and spark innovative, mobile-first, cloud-first solutions. The cloud has revolutionized the way Microsoft’s organizations develop apps and services, allowing for more agile modern engineering at scale and at a faster pace than ever before. Because we have developed a unified, scalable, resilient platform, we’re able to create modern, integrated tools that help us improve and expand our business.

The move to modern engineering has empowered CSEO to evolve the way it develops apps and services. With agile methodology, we are able to develop new solutions for every element of our business.

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