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Organizations need to plan ahead when upgrading key business software. That’s why Microsoft Digital created a robust plan to guide our transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Digital paved a clear path for the upgrade process, providing an exceptional experience and driving early adoption along the way.

Here, we share how we approached the technical upgrade, implemented change-management and adoption strategies, and trained our global organization on using Teams as a hub for teamwork and communication. Learn from our journey at Microsoft and customize our resources and training materials to make your own organization’s transition to Microsoft Teams smooth, productive, and powerful.


Microsoft Digital set out to meet the needs of an evolving, increasingly modern workplace by upgrading employees from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. In order to make sure the expansive transition was seamless, easy, and intuitive, Microsoft Digital first configured Teams to run alongside Skype for Business and then upgraded to Teams-only mode after that initial side-by-side period.

Learn how we used a phased approach emphasizing readiness and productivity to accelerate adoption and help ensure a smooth transition.


Upgrading to Microsoft Teams has enabled a company-wide cultural change, so it was important for Microsoft Digital to systematically drive adoption at every step of the transition. We implemented a change-management plan to actively engage executive sponsors and end users, created training and evangelism programs, and promoted the transition to Teams through a comprehensive channel strategy—all supported by metrics-focused analysis tools.

Learn how Microsoft Digital thought through change-management and adoption strategies and unlocked an exceptional transition experience. Customize our assets to support the transition to Microsoft Teams at your own organization.


Microsoft Digital needed to support employees through the stages of their adoption journey, from generating an understanding of the benefits and functionality of Microsoft Teams to creating enthusiasm among employees for this new way of working. We developed a training program to teach employees how to get started in Teams, use Teams to perform existing tasks, and make it their hub for teamwork.

While we focused on training employees to think and work differently to achieve better results, we learned just how important it is to offer introductory and scenario-based Microsoft Teams topics. We developed multimodal training options to suit a variety of learning styles.

These resources are similar to the training tools used at Microsoft and can be introduced to your own enterprise to help enhance employee adoption and encourage productivity.

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