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Windows 10 improves security and data protection

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced Windows as a service. It’s a new way of building, deploying, and servicing Windows, and new features are built continuously with each update. Windows 10 has more layers of protection that help Microsoft Digital to better protect user and company data, and to detect risky behaviors and sophisticated attacks. With each release of Windows 10, we have built upon existing security by adding new security features.

Windows 10 was designed to be the most secure Windows yet. By addressing threats through engineering, improved security is one of the biggest benefits of adopting Windows 10. Here are some of the ways that Windows 10 is helping us better protect data and some of the new tools that we have to help us quickly detect and respond to threats. 

Threat protection

Windows 10 is designed to disrupt malware and hacking by moving the playing field so that malicious actors lose the attack vectors that they depend on.

  • Windows Defender uses the cloud, vast optics, machine learning, and behavior analysis to rapidly respond to emerging threats.
  • Microsoft Edge has been designed specifically to systemically disrupt phishing, malware, and hacking attacks.
  • Device Guard offers protection against malware though application control—letting you block all unwanted apps.

Information protection

Windows 10 offers comprehensive data protection while meeting compliance requirements and maintaining user productivity.

  • BitLocker enables organizations to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access with military-grade encryption when a device is lost or stolen.
  • Windows Information Protection separates and contains business data to prevent it from accidentally leaking to unauthorized users, documents, apps, or locations on the web.
  • Azure Information Protection works with Windows Information Protection and provides more capabilities to classify, assign advanced permissions and share sensitive data.

Identity and access management

Windows 10 provides next-generation technology to help protect user identities from abuse.

  • Windows Hello is a password alternative that uses multiple factors to provide enterprise-grade security using biometrics, a PIN, or even a companion device.
  • Credential Guard helps protect against NTLM-based pass-the-hash (PtH) attacks by isolating user credentials inside a hardware-based container.

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