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Discover the inside story of how Microsoft does IT.
IT Showcase shares the blueprint of Microsoft reinvention, helping you learn from our experience and accelerate your transformation.

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IT reimagined

Microsoft reinvents traditional IT and operations to digitally transform its internal systems.

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 Our webinars span the latest industry trends and are offered live online and on-demand.

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Kevin Verdeck and Stone Li sit across from each other and talk
November 26, 2019

Getting chatty: How conversational chatbots are transforming customer service inside Microsoft

Experts panel with one participant talking on stage.
November 25, 2019

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Frank Delia, Sr. Program Manager; Sara Bush, Sr. Program Manager; Rachelle Blanchard, Program Manager II; Sarah Lundy, Business Program Manager
November 27, 2019

IT expert roundtable: Our transformation to Microsoft Teams

Paul Rojas looks at a whiteboard drawing of the Azure optimization recommendation platform.
November 7, 2019

Unexpected cloud cost spike spurs optimization movement inside Microsoft