The Microsoft Terminology Service API allows you to programmatically access the terminology, definitions and user interface (UI) strings available on the Language Portal through a web service. This enables you to write apps that call the data from the portal and display it on your website or translate your Windows Store or Windows Phone apps.
You can also use the Terminology Service API for:
  • Dictionary-style terminology, definition, and translation lookups on your site or from within your app.
  • Integration with your localization or content authoring system for dynamic translation and localization.
  • Combining with Microsoft Translator to translate your content using lookups to get the right Microsoft terminology and machine translation for the content.
  • Suggestions for Microsoft Terminology in community translation of content and wikis.
This content accessed by the Terminology Service API is the same as you will find on the Language Portal search page and includes terminology and English definitions, in addition to the actual product user interface translations, such as "Save to phone", "Pin to Start","Log on", and other common UI terms in major Microsoft products.
Supported Languages
The languages supported include all the languages you will find on the Language Portal and currently enable translation from US English to any of the supported languages and/or any of the supported language to US English. To get a full listing, use the GetLanguages method in the Terminology Service API.
Locales and Languages
Note that language codes currently include both the language and the country/region, for example “en-us.” Neutral locales, such as “en” only, are not currently offered. However, some of the language and locale combinations reflect terminology and UI strings from products that are distributed in multiple countries where a language is spoken and can be regarded as “neutral” flavors of the language, in particular:
English (en-us)
French (fr-fr)
Arabic (ar-sa)
German (de-de)
Dutch (nl-nl)
Spanish (es-es)
Using the Terminology Service API
When you use the data from the Terminology Service API on your website or in your app, you must include the attribution “Microsoft Terminology Service API. © 2019 [or applicable year] Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.” For more details on the terms of use, please refer to the Microsoft Language Portal Materials License.
Getting Started
Download the Terminology Service API SDK document (PDF format) to get the full technical specification to use the API. The service is hosted at
There isn't currently a support forum, but feel free to contact Language Portal Feedback with questions, comments, and suggestions.