Microsoft provides a number of free language tools, resources, and solutions that can help you bridge the gap between language and technology. Our intention is to share with you a compiled list of these resources.
Go Global Developer Center – Discover our in-depth developer reference library for building world-ready apps.
Dynamics 365 – Translation Service – Automatically translate Dynamics 365 products, solutions and documentation leveraging domain specific Microsoft linguistic assets.
Microsoft Terminology Glossary – Download an offline terminology database that includes key Microsoft terms in over 100 languages.
Microsoft Localization Style Guides – Get localization reference in your language by using our Style Guide downloads.
Microsoft Terminology API – Integrate Microsoft Terminology and UI strings directly into your web portals or localization tools or apps, and get dictionary- style terminology, definition, and translation lookups.
Multilingual App Toolkit – The Multilingual App Toolkit works with Visual Studio to streamline your localization workflow for Windows Store, Windows Mobile, Desktop and Xamarin apps by providing localization file management, translation support, and editing tools.
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator – Create your own custom Windows keyboard.
Windows Locale Builder tool – Create custom formats for Windows language and region data.
Localized Error Message Lookup tool – Enter a localized error message and look up the original English translation.
Bing Microsoft Translator – Get a translation quickly. It’s an auto-detect method of machine translation on-the-fly! Also, see the Microsoft Translator portal page.
Microsoft Translator Hub – Create your own Machine Translation model for any language.
Create books using Microsoft Word – Use Office templates to create books or pamphlets in your own language. A great exercise for teachers with students in their classrooms!