Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Update:
As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the Leap Program is following Microsoft company guidance to make decisions about events and in-person learning. Microsoft is committed to supporting Leap Program apprenticeships. We’re actively monitoring the progress of the COVID-19 situation, and its impact to our sponsorships, cohort dates, and apprenticeship interviews. Please follow us on our Leap Program LinkedIn page for any upcoming cohort updates. We apologize for the delay and will provide dates as soon as we’re able.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program FAQs

Are Leap Program participants compensated?

Yes, it is a remunerated program that offers a fixed contract with competitive compensation during the apprenticeship. There is also a is a fixed amount stipend, provided only to candidates that are accepted into the program and are coming from out of state. The stipend is provided once the program starts, not prior.

Are Microsoft Leap participants considered Microsoft employees?

Although the program is sponsored by Microsoft, the participants are NOT Microsoft employees. In order to participate in this program, candidates must sign-up as vendors with the chosen contracting company.

Do you offer relocation assistance?

Relocation assistance may be offered through the contracting company. Check with your contracting company for more details.

Is health insurance provided?

Health insurance is provided through the contracting company.

Is this a full-time, immersive program?

Yes. The Leap Program is a 16-week immersive program. Participants are discouraged from participating in additional professional commitments while in the program.

What teams sponsor potential apprentices?

The program has sponsorship from all the engineering business divisions across the company. With each cohort the sponsors change. In the past, teams such as Skype, XBOX, Bing, Office 365, and Azure have sponsored candidates. However, there are many other engineering teams whose acronym may not be familiar to you but whose mission is critical to Microsoft success.

What to Expect

Does the program offer help to find lodging?

Leap Program does NOT provide accommodations or match apprentices with roommates. However, we encourage you to make connections with your fellow cohort members and find out personal recommendation through networking.

What are my transportation options?

Microsoft provides free prepaid ORCA cards in the Redmond area (during apprentice onboarding) that allow unlimited rides for public transportation (e.g., buses, light rail and commuter trains). Apprentices can also take complimentary Microsoft shuttles around campus. Cali,fornia campuses offer Clipper Cards, but do not have shuttles. Transportation options vary by cohort location.

What are my dining options?

There are various dining options conveniently located throughout the various cohort campuses and locations. Please check with your specific cohort location. Meals on campuses are reasonably priced. California campuses offer complimentary breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria and complimentary snacks and drinks in break rooms. Both campuses in Redmond and California include kitchens with complimentary beverages, refrigerators, and microwaves available for those who choose to bring their lunch.

Is there parking available?

Yes. There are parking garages throughout campuses and parking is free.

I want to bike to work. Are there bike racks on campus?

Bike racks, showers and lockers are available in the parking garages for those who choose to bike to work.

Are Microsoft store discounts offered on hardware and software?

Discounted Microsoft software and hardware is a benefit only available to full-time Microsoft employees.

How to Prepare

Do I need to complete any pre-work before my cohort starts?

Pre-work is assigned to those accepted into the program. Assignments may vary depending on the cohort and sponsoring teams. Any pre-work will be sent via email.

What type of computer do I need to bring with me?

Apprentices will be supplied a laptop for use while in the program. You will need to return the laptop at the end of the cohort.

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