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Exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution

Candidates for this exam are Azure data engineers who are responsible for data related tasks that include ingesting, egressing, and transforming data from multiple sources using various services and tools. The... Azure data engineer collaborates with business stakeholders to identify and meet data requirements while designing and implementing the management, monitoring, security, and privacy of data using the full stack of Azure services to satisfy business needs.

Part of the requirements for: Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate

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Exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution

Languages: English

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: implement data storage solutions; manage and develop data processing; manage data security; monitor data solutions; and manage and troubleshoot Azure data solutions.

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Skills measured

Implement data storage solutions (25-30%)

Implement Azure cloud data warehouses

  • design Data Lake architecture
  • design the data schema
  • provision the data warehouse

Implement No-SQL Databases

  • manage data distribution and partitions
  • select the database platform
  • model data storage based on use cases
  • select storage types
  • provision storage accounts
  • provision Data Lake storage
  • integrate WebHDFS applications with Data Lake Storage
  • provision in CosmosDB

Implement Azure SQL Database

  • provision Azure SQL Database
  • configure elastic pools
  • configure data backup strategies
  • configure elastic jobs
  • provision Azure SQL database managed instance
  • configure connections
  • manage data synchronization

Implement hybrid data scenarios

  • design hybrid solution
  • design data replication and synchronization

Manage Azure DevOps Pipelines

  • use a build service
  • deploy using Azure Resource Manager templates

Manage and develop data processing (30-35%)

Implement big data environments

  • implement Hadoop clusters
  • implement Databricks environment

Develop batch processing solutions

  • develop batch processing solutions using Spark
  • develop batch processing solutions using Azure Databricks

Develop streaming solutions

  • implement event processing using Azure stream analytics
  • query data using Azure Stream Analytics
  • configure Azure Stream Analytics to read from Event Hub
  • configure Azure Stream Analytics to read from BLOB storage

Develop integration solutions

  • create data pipeline systems in Azure
  • develop data integration pipelines with Azure Data Factory
  • develop data integration pipelines with Azure Databricks

Implement data migration

  • transform data
  • bulk load data with PolyBase

Automate Data Factory Pipelines

  • deploy data factory pipelines
  • configure Data Factory

Manage data security (15-20%)

Manage source data access security

  • connect to sources
  • create connection objects
  • install Gateways

Configure authentication and authorization

  • set up firewall rules
  • integrate Azure AD
  • design Cosmos DB security
  • design Data Lake security
  • design Azure SQL DB security
  • manage Access Control
  • manage permissions on resources

Manage and enforce data policies and standards

  • mask data
  • encrypt data at rest
  • encrypt data in motion
  • encrypt data elements
  • configure audit

Set up notifications

  • set up alerts on security threats
  • set up alerts on unexpected resource usage

Monitor data solutions (10-15%)

Monitor data storage

  • implement BLOB storage monitoring
  • implement Data Lake Store monitoring
  • implement HDInsight monitoring

Monitor databases for a specified scenario

  • implement SQL Database monitoring
  • implement SQL Data Warehouse monitoring
  • implement Cosmos DB monitoring

Monitor data processing

  • design and implement Data Factory monitoring
  • monitor Azure Databricks
  • monitor HDInsight processing
  • monitor stream analytics

Manage and troubleshoot Azure data solutions (10-15%)

Manage Optimization

  • troubleshoot data partitioning bottlenecks
  • optimize HIVE processing
  • optimize Data Lake
  • optimize SPARK processing
  • optimize Azure Stream Analytics
  • optimize Data Warehouse
  • optimize SQL DB
  • manage data life cycle

Manage business continuity

  • implement a disaster recovery strategy
  • design for High Availability
  • import and export data
  • design a data retention policy

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