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About online exams

You can take MCP or Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams online in the comfort of your home or office while being monitored by a proctor via webcam and microphone. (MTA exams purchased through a K-12 school are not available online.) If you’re interested in taking an online exam and want a better understanding of what to expect before registering, this page will explain the details. You can also watch the YouTube video in English or with subtitles in Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Take a system test

Take a system test now to see if your computer and location are compatible with the online proctoring software before you schedule your exam.

System test now

Online exams are currently available in the countries listed on this page. Note that greeter support, proctor support, and proctoring software are currently only available in English.

ALERT! Before you register for an online exam:

  1. Complete the required system test on the same computer and in the same location from where you will test.
  2. Confirm that your ID is compliant (read the requirements) and that the name in your profile exactly matches your identification.
  3. Review the technical, system, environment, and testing protocol requirements below.

System requirements

Online exams can be disrupted by proxy servers, network packet inspection/filtering, or strict network security configurations.

The Windows user account logged in to the delivery workstation must have local administrative permissions.

Some antivirus software can cause performance issues. Please disable antivirus scanning while taking your exam.

You may need to ensure that your security software does not block the execution of JavaScript, Adobe Air applications, or Adobe Flash Player extensions.

You may need to configure your Internet security and antivirus software to make an exception for the Pearson Secure Browser executable file.

Minimum requirements

Operating system

Note Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is supported in notebook mode only. Android and iOS devices are not supported at this time.

Windows 10 (Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions are supported. Note Windows 10 Mobile and Mobile Enterprise are not supported at this time.)
Windows 8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit) (all editions except “RT”)
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) (all editions except “Starter”)
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) (all editions except “Starter”)
OS X version 10.8 or newer

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Pearson VUE no longer provides support for Windows XP.


Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768 in 16-bit color

Internet connection

Broadband (DSL, cable, or LAN/WLAN): 512 kbps up/down
Dial-up Internet connections are not supported.

Network connection

Pearson VUE strongly recommends using a wired network rather than a wireless network, since a wired network provides better exam delivery performance.

Internet browsers

On the local delivery workstation, one of the following Internet browsers must be installed: Internet Explorer version 9, 10, or 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Browser settings

Internet cookies must be enabled.
All pop-up blockers must be disabled.


Webcam must have a minimum resolution of 640x480 @ 10 fps.
Webcam may be internal or may be external and connected to the computer.

Sound and microphone

Headsets with audio and microphone are acceptable.
Built-in microphones are acceptable, as are external microphones.
Headphones or speakers are acceptable.
Note Verify in Windows that the audio and microphone are not set on Mute.

Additional software

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or newer is required.
Adobe AIR 14.0 or newer is required.
Some security software programs, like antivirus or Internet security software, can disrupt exam delivery and may need to be disabled.

Prior to registering for and purchasing your exam, complete the required system test on the same computer and in the same location you will test from.

Participating countries

If online exams are available in your country, they are available in all languages supported by the test centers in your country. Please note that greeter support, proctor support, and the proctoring software are currently only available in English. Online exams are now available in most countries except for Japan.

Testing session protocol

To maintain the integrity of proctored exams in an online/webcam setting, specific policies, practices, and procedures are enforced.

Office or home setting

Your office or home setting must meet the following requirements:

  • Office or conference room must be walled, have a closed door, and be free from disruptions.
  • If taking the exam at your home, the room should be free from disruptions.
  • No third party is to be in the room during your testing session.

Communicating with the greeter and proctor:

  • Phone. During the check-in process, the greeter will ask for your phone number to communicate with you while you are checking in for your exam. After you have completed the check-in process, you will be asked to place your phone out of reach, but close enough to be heard.
  • Chat window. Most communication with the greeter and proctor occurs via the Chat window.
  • Microphone. During the check-in process and, if necessary, while taking your exam, you can communicate with the greeter and proctor via microphone.
  • Language. All communication with the greeter and proctor is conducted in English.

Identity verification:

You are required to present a current government-issued form of ID, such as one of the following:

  • Driver’s license
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Identification card (national/state/province identity card)
  • Alien registration card (green card, permanent resident, visa)
  • Government-issued local language ID (not in Roman characters)—accepted only if issued from the country in which the candidate is testing

A webcam photo will be taken of you and your photo ID.

The name on the ID must match the name in your Microsoft and Pearson VUE profile.

Minors who are under the age of 18 are permitted to present a valid student ID as a form of identification. The candidate’s guardian must also present a valid ID and must provide verbal consent during the check-in process.

Work area scan:

With your webcam or by lifting and rotating your laptop, you will be asked to scan slowly left to right to show surrounding walls and to scan up and down to show the floor and ceiling. If you are unable to complete a work area scan, you are not permitted to proceed further or to take the exam.

You are then asked to scan your entire work area. The proctor is looking for security risks, including but not limited to

  • Additional monitors (must be unplugged and turned away from you)
  • Additional computers (must be turned off and monitors must be dark)
  • Wall art/posters (these will be inspected)

The work area should be clear of all materials, including the following items that are not allowed within arm’s reach: books, notepads, Post-it notes, typed notes/papers, or writing instruments such as pens, markers, or pencils. Whiteboards should be wiped clean.

No personal belongings

  • During the exam, you may not access the following types of personal items: hand-held computers or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, hats (or other head coverings), bags, coats, books, notes, or any other materials not specifically approved.
  • You are asked to turn out all your pockets (pants pockets and blazer/sweater pockets) so the greeter can see that they are empty.
  • If you are wearing long sleeves, you are asked to roll up your sleeves to show that there is no writing on your arms.
  • If you are wearing a tie, you are asked to lift the tie to show the greeter that nothing is hidden under the tie.
  • If you have long hair that covers your ears, you are asked to pull your hair back to show the greeter that there is nothing attached to your ear (such as a Bluetooth earpiece).

No breaks/eating/drinking

  • Breaks are not allowed during the exam for any reason. You understand and agree that, if you take a break, your exam score will be invalidated and you will not be allowed to resume the exam later.

  • Eating, drinking, smoking, and chewing gum are prohibited during the exam.

No exam assistance

  • No third party can enter the room during your testing session. If this occurs, your exam will be terminated.

  • You may not receive assistance or coaching from other individuals while taking the exam, and you may not allow other individuals to see the computer screen that presents the exam questions.

  • You are not allowed to use exam-specific materials and are not permitted to use scratch paper, erasable whiteboards, or any other writing object during the exam. You are also not permitted to use any writing instruments, such as a pen, marker, or pencil, during exam delivery.

  • The proctor cannot answer questions related to exam content. If you have questions related to exam content, please contact Microsoft after you complete the exam.

Other important information

  • You may not copy or record questions or answers from the exam using any means, and you may not share or discuss the questions or answers seen in the exam with others.

  • By taking this exam, you acknowledge that the proctor will continuously monitor you by video and audio while you take your exam, and you acknowledge and consent to audio and video recording of your face, voice, the physical room where you are seated, and the location during exam delivery. You recognize that you have no right to privacy at your location during exam delivery and that you waive any and all claims asserting a right to privacy. If you do not wish to be recorded (either by video or audio), please notify the proctor immediately of your intent not to proceed with the exam.

  • If you do not follow the Candidate Rules Agreement or are suspected of cheating or tampering with software from Pearson VUE or its subcontractor, or if a third party is detected in the physical room where you are seated during the exam, the proctor will immediately terminate the exam and report the infraction to Pearson VUE and Microsoft, along with audio and/or video evidence. Your exam may be invalidated, and Microsoft may take other action, such as decertifying you and precluding all future participation in the Microsoft Certification Program.

Launching the exam and the candidate check-in process

The launch and check-in process should take approximately 15 minutes.

  • Turn off browser pop-up blockers.

  • Be sure that you have administrative rights on your computer so you can download the testing software.

To begin your testing session and connect with a greeter:

  • Sign in to your benefits and exam dashboard.

  • In the Appointments section on the right, select Start a previously scheduled online proctored exam.

  • The exam you scheduled appears. Select the exam link, and then select Begin exam.

Note You may wait up to five minutes before connecting with a greeter.

After connecting with your greeter:

  • Have your driver’s license, passport, or other acceptable identification available so that your identity can be verified.

  • The greeter will review testing behavior/conduct, testing environment, and communication process during exam delivery. All communication with the greeter and proctor will be conducted in English.

  • You will be asked to shut down any non‐essential applications (such as email or chat).

After this process is complete, the exam will begin. Your proctor will not contact you during the exam unless there is an issue.

If there is a technical issue during exam delivery, the proctor will first attempt to contact you via Chat. If that doesn’t work, the proctor will contact you by phone.

If there is an issue after the exam, contact Pearson VUE. Please have the Incident Report number provided by your proctor available.

Retrieve score report, and remove proctor software

Score reports can be accessed from your benefits and exam dashboard.

Register for an online exam

Online exams are available for all MCP and MTA exams in participating countries. If online exams are available in your country, they are available in all languages supported by the test centers in your country. Please note that greeter support, proctor support, and proctoring software are currently only available in English. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and MTA exams purchased through a K-12 school are not available online. To register, select the Microsoft online exam you wish to take from the exam list, and then select the Schedule exam button. If online exams are available in your country, you will be able to select that option during the exam registration process.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about online proctored exams.

How can I find out more about online exams?

Microsoft has published a short video that show how easy it is to take an online exam. The video is available in a YouTube playlist in English or with subtitles in Arabic, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

How do I know if an online exam is right for me?

Start by ensuring that your computer meets our requirements by completing the required system test. Read about what to expect regarding testing session protocol. If you have any doubts or reservations, we recommend that you schedule your exam at a test center.

Can I still take my exam online if my system does not pass the system test?

No. You should not register for an online exam if your system does not pass the system test, including ensuring that you can take a clear photo of your identification.

How do I register for an online exam?

To register, select the exam you wish to take from the exam list, and then select the Schedule exam button. If online exams are available in your country, you will be able to select that option during the exam registration process.

It seems like it would be much easier to cheat if I’m not at a test center. Are online exams secure?

We’re committed to protecting the integrity of our exams, regardless of how they are delivered. When you take an online exam, you must first install a secure browser that enforces rigorous safeguards throughout the testing process. In addition, a Pearson VUE proctor monitors you throughout the exam via webcam and microphone. We also review footage of exam sessions in cases where we suspect cheating. We’re pretty good at detecting cheating, so we don’t recommend it—we decertify cheaters, remove their certifications, and ban them from taking future exams. (Read additional perspective from Kerri Davis, one of our Anti-Piracy PMs.)

If I’m taking multiple exams for a certification, do I need to choose a single exam delivery method?

No, you may mix and match delivery methods (online or in person at a testing center), because the exams are the same.

After my exam has launched and I am assigned a proctor, how long do I have to complete the exam?

You will have the same amount of time to complete the exam as you would when taking the exam at a Pearson VUE test center.

Are online exams more difficult than exams taken at test centers?

No. The exams are identical.

May I take notes during my online exam?

Yes. The whiteboard feature provides the option to enter notes or draw shapes. You can access the whiteboard during your exam by clicking the eraser icon at the top of the screen.

Are online exams available in multiple languages?

Yes. If online exams are available in your country, they are available in all languages supported by the test centers in your country. Please note that the proctoring software, greeter support, and proctor support are only available in English.

If I have technical issues before, during, or after the online exam, who do I contact?

For registration questions, please use the Pearson VUE customer service links provided during registration. If you encounter a technical issue during exam delivery, the exam proctor will help you try to resolve the issue. If necessary, the proctor will provide an Incident Report number to reference when following up with Pearson VUE Customer Support.

What type of identification is required during the check-in process?

Please review the current ID policy. If you are in the process of updating or renewing your identification, please note that legal name change forms, including ID renewal forms, cannot be accepted for online exams.

How do I change my legal name?

Your name must exactly match the identification you provide during the check-in process. After you have saved your exam registration profile, you can only change your legal name by contacting your Microsoft Regional Service Center.

I have an appointment scheduled for an online exam. How do I start it?

You have up to 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time to begin the exam process. You are not permitted to begin the exam process after the 15 minutes have passed.

To start your exam, sign in to your benefits and exams dashboard and click Start a previously scheduled online proctored exam. You will be redirected to a Pearson VUE page where you will see the exam you scheduled, and you can start your exam.

Where can I find a list of exam policies?

Please refer to the exam policies and FAQs that apply to all Microsoft Certification exams.