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A Unique History of Innovation

Microsoft innovation continues to revolutionize how people work, connect, and experience the world—and we license many of our patents and technologies to help other companies grow.

For more than 40 years Microsoft has been making big, bold bets on the future of technology. By investing more than $11 billion in research and development annually, we continue to expand the possibilities of computing and converged technologies.

Microsoft patents can be found wherever there are cutting-edge products—from PCs and smartphones, to sensor-based devices, to healthcare and industrial automation. We relentlessly seek to drive the future of innovation—for us, our partners, and our customers. We constantly look for opportunities to work with other companies, licensing our technologies and patents to help them innovate and grow.

In short, our heritage of innovation is what enables Microsoft to further its mission of empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Areas of Innovation

Microsoft is helping our licensing partners shape the future across a range of sectors, fueling the development of exciting new technology.

Powering Transformative Change

Why Work with Microsoft?

For technology companies looking to grow, or import or export internationally, it’s critical to be informed about patents. When businesses license Microsoft patents, they benefit from decades of work by researchers that can help them:

Surpassing Technological Limits

At Microsoft, we believe our greatest advancements are still ahead. From software and mobile computing to quantum computing and AI, to virtual and augmented reality, we are a leader in transforming technology. Our Research Centers showcase some of the ways we are surpassing the limits of today’s technology.

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