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Powerful solutions that support innovation, mobility, and productivity, across devices and operating systems.

For decades, Microsoft has revolutionized the way businesses work, and it’s our mission to continue pursue to the next innovation that will empower people and businesses to achieve more. From pioneering operating systems, through to Windows 10 and Cortana, Microsoft has helped businesses work better and smarter, and get more value from their investments in technology.

In the licensing space, Microsoft innovations make work more productive and efficient across all types of devices and operating systems. Microsoft’s innovative technologies and best-in-class protocols promote interoperability, helping all kinds of devices work efficiently together.

A Heritage of Innovation in Business

Microsoft innovation redefined the office and how we work. Microsoft’s core technologies in operating systems, security, and connectivity are a springboard for the invisible revolution and cloud technology that’s transforming once again how we work, collaborate, and collect and analyze data.

Over the years, Microsoft has built one of the largest and most diverse patent portfolios in the world. Today’s business landscape is changing quickly, and Microsoft continues to invest heavily in the technologies of the future - from drones, to healthcare technology, to machine learning, artificial, and virtual intelligence. These advances will transform the way people do business.

Key Licensing Programs

Key licensing programs for original equipment manufacturers and developers include:

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