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What is the Microsoft Business Center?

The Microsoft Business Center (previously the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center) is the portal for customers who have made purchases through the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). In the Business Center, MPSA customers can:
  • Access your licensing information in one location.
  • View details of your agreements.
  • Look up an order and purchase history.
  • Download products and obtain product keys.
  • Manage cloud services and licenses.
  • Manage users.
  • Access reports.

If you’ve made purchases through the Enterprise Agreement or Select Plus, find training and resources for the Volume Licensing Service Center. We know it’s challenging to manage your licensing inventory in various locations, so we’re working hard to bring information from other agreements to you through the Business Center in a future release.

Begin using the Business Center

How do I register my organization to use the Business Center?

The Microsoft Business Center is a secure website for organizations that have signed a Microsoft Products and Service Agreement (MPSA). If your organization has an MPSA agreement, you can sign in to the Business Center using a work account.

Work accounts are the user accounts that you and others in your organization can use to access the Business Center, Office 365, and other Microsoft business services.

Microsoft will send an email invitation explaining how to register for the Business Center to the person at your organization who is designated in your MPSA agreement as Purchasing Account Administrator. If that person has not received the email or can’t find it, you can ask your Microsoft partner to resend the invitation to them.

The Quick Start Guide, “Register for the Microsoft Business Center,” contains detailed instructions for signing in to the Business Center for the first time, so that you and other people in your organization can begin using it to manage your volume licensing purchases, subscriptions and more.