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Software Assurance includes a core set of benefits to help improve workforce productivity, streamline software deployment, and reduce costs in a variety of ways across devices. It provides the greatest flexibility for how your organization uses Windows because it includes access to enterprise offerings and use rights that are not available through other licensing programs.

License access to Windows Enterprise on a per-user basis

You can license Windows Enterprise and Windows VDA on a per-user basis. With per-user licensing, you license an individual instead of a device. This puts your users at the center of your Windows licensing solution, gives you flexible options for how you deploy and access Windows across devices, and simplifies Windows licensing and management.
With per user licensing you can:
  • Free your users to use or access Windows Enterprise across all of their devices.
  • Deliver Windows Enterprise across devices through local install, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), or Windows To Go*.
  • Simplify Windows licensing and management by counting users instead of counting all of their various devices.
*Subject to licensing and technical limitations

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) is a suite of technologies that help manage, secure, and monitor your devices, while simplifying and accelerating the deployment of key Windows features. MDOP is available for Windows customers with Software Assurance coverage.
Use MDOP to:
  • Virtualize the operating system, applications, and user experience.
  • Manage and secure your devices, enabling monitoring and deployment of key Windows features.
  • Save time and remove challenges associated with troubleshooting and repairing system failures.

Technical training

Software Assurance training benefits help build technical skills and ready IT professionals, developers, and end users for the latest wave of Microsoft technologies.
  • Technical instructor-led training is available to help technical professionals plan, deploy, administer, configure, maintain, and support Windows.
  • Online training and demonstration sessions are available to help end users improve their skills and familiarity with Windows.

Note that training vouchers are being retired. Azure training is no longer part of the course catalog as of February 2020 and training vouchers will be fully retired on January 1, 2022. See the Benefit details page for information.



Home Use Program 

Use the Home Use Program (HUP) to provide your employees with the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 to use on their home devices via a low-cost download. Productivity and efficiency are likely to improve when your employees use the same software at home and at work. 

Use the Home Use Program to: 

  • The Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) provides your employees a way to buy Office 365 subscriptions as well as the latest versions of Visio and Project software to use at home at a substantial discount. The Microsoft Home Use Program provides both employees and organizations with exceptional value; providing an economical means for employees to use the same productivity tools at home that they use at work. 


    Learn more about the Home Use Program > 

With New Version Rights, each Microsoft product license that is covered by active Software Assurance can be upgraded to the most recent version for no additional cost. For example, if a new version of Windows is released during the term of your agreement, your licenses are automatically upgraded to the new version.

Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) Rights enable users to access virtual instances of Windows in a variety of user scenarios.

Windows To Go is a fully manageable corporate desktop running Enterprise edition on a bootable USB stick. With Windows To Go use rights, employees can use Windows To Go on any device that is licensed with Software Assurance for Windows. A user licensed with Windows Software Assurance per User or Windows VDA per User is licensed to run Windows To Go on any device.

Roaming Use Rights for Windows allow the primary user of any device licensed for Windows Software Assurance or Windows VDA to access a virtual instance of Windows running in the data center (VDI) or Windows To Go from noncorporate devices, such as personally owned or hotel business center PCs, while away from the office. For information related to ongoing support for Roaming Rights, see the February 2016 Product Terms. The following three scenarios determine a customer’s Roaming Use Rights:
  1. Customers who did not have Windows Software Assurance (or VDA) previously, and then signed a new agreement or enrollment with Windows Software Assurance (or VDA) on or after March 1, 2016, do not have Roaming Use Rights.
  2. Customers who had Windows Software Assurance (or VDA) previously, and renewed their agreement/enrollment with Windows Software Assurance (or VDA) after March 1, 2016, will retain Roaming Use Rights until January 31, 2017
  3. Customers who signed a new agreement or enrollment with Windows Software Assurance (or VDA) before March 1, 2016, will retain Roaming Use Rights until their agreement or enrollment ends (maximum case would be February 28, 2019).
Note: Roaming Use Rights apply only to Windows Software Assurance and Windows VDA when licensed per device. Windows Software Assurance per User and Windows VDA per User licenses grant the same rights, but from any device, anywhere.

Windows Thin PC is a smaller footprint version of Windows that enables organizations to repurpose existing PCs as thin clients, thereby reducing the need for new thin client hardware. This benefit applies only to devices licensed with Software Assurance coverage for Windows.

Spread the costs of your License and Software Assurance purchase across three equal, annual sums versus one up-front payment to help reduce initial costs and aid in forecasting annual software budget requirements up to three years in advance. When you use the Spread Payments benefit, no interest or additional fees are incurred.

You may also consider Microsoft Payment Solutions to help finance your technology needs, including software, services, partner products, and hardware. Although Microsoft Payment Solutions is not part of Software Assurance, you can choose it separate from, or in addition to, the Spread Payments benefit to create a customized payment structure.

With the Enterprise Source Licensing Program (ESLP), companies that have 10,000 or more licensed desktop PCs in the systems pool covered with Software Assurance can gain access to Windows source code for internal development and support. Your IT staff can use the reference source code to improve the performance of Windows systems and related applications, enhance supportability, and augment system security. The ESLP provides source code for most major releases and service packs of Windows (client and server).

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