How can Software Assurance help you?

Software Assurance benefits help you take full advantage of your investments in IT. A comprehensive program that includes a unique set of technologies, services, and rights to help deploy, manage, and use Microsoft products efficiently, Software Assurance helps keep your business up to date and ready to respond quickly to change and opportunity.
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Using Software Assurance

Software Assurance benefits help organizations and industries like yours get the most from their Microsoft technology investments.

The following scenarios are just a few examples of how your organization might take advantage of your Software Assurance benefits to maximize the value of your investments in Microsoft technology. To learn more about how Software Assurance can help, download the Software Assurance Program Guide (PDF, 6.12 MB).


Your organization is growing quickly, and you have a diverse mix of existing employees, new employees, temporary staff, and mobile workers. Employees need to use a variety of organization-owned and personal devices in order to work effectively in the office and on the road.


Your Software Assurance Windows To Go Use Rights help your employees work where they choose and on a broad range of licensed devices, using your preconfigured Windows image that can be loaded on the fly from a USB storage device.


In addition, Office Roaming Use Rights allow remote access to Microsoft Office via a virtual environment from a variety of public and private devices — with no additional licenses to buy, and without installing any additional software.

You’ve given your employees the technology they need; now you’re looking to help them take full advantage of those tools to be as effective as they can.


Productive employees are a key ingredient in an agile business. When they use the same software at home and at work, they can gain skills more quickly and make a greater contribution. The Home Use Program (HUP) benefit offers your employees a way to buy the latest version of Microsoft Office for their home devices via a low-cost download. In addition, your New Version Rights benefit helps ensure that your employees are always using the latest versions of the software they need. 



Organizations around the world are excited about the potential they see in cloud computing. You may already be considering the benefits of using outsourced or cloud-based services for one or more of your server-based applications. Whether off-premises or in your own environment, Software Assurance helps you prepare for cloud migrations with a powerful combination of consultancy and innovative server licensing opportunities.


Lower-cost off-premises deployments can prove easier to scale and take less effort to manage. License Mobility through Software Assurance helps you retain the value of your existing server license investments by extending their use to the cloud when you assign eligible server licenses to an authorized hosting partner—no need to buy additional licenses.


If you decide to take advantage of opportunities offered by the cloud, Planning Services partners can help you build a deployment, upgrade, or migration plan tailored for your organization. With flexible offerings, Planning Services help extend your internal expertise by incorporating best practices for deploying an array of Microsoft solutions on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.


Microsoft Volume Licensing is the most cost-effective, flexible, and manageable way to acquire Microsoft software and cloud services. As a volume licensing customer, you can enhance your IT investments further with Software Assurance benefits, which apply across a broad range of licensing agreements. Software Assurance provides you with the tools you need to do more with your Microsoft IT investments.


Among the many ways that Software Assurance helps you spend less and do more with your IT investments, Planning Services provide on-site consultants to collaborate with your IT staff and help you evaluate how you can efficiently deploy a range of Microsoft solutions. Flexible licensing rights and use options help you empower your office and mobile workers on a broad range of devices and reduce support costs. In addition, your employees can access technical training without affecting your training budget.* 


Along with technical cost-savers, you also get help with budgeting. The Software Assurance Spread Payments benefit works with your budget and helps lower your initial licensing costs. Instead of one up-front payment, you spread the costs of your Volume Licensing and Software Assurance purchase across three equal, annual sums, helping you forecast your technology budget up to three years in advance.


*Planning Services and training vouchers are being retired and will no longer be accrued starting in February 2021.



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