Software Assurance Home Use Program

Use the Home Use Program (HUP) to provide your employees with the latest version of Microsoft Office for their home devices via a low-cost download. Productivity and efficiency are likely to improve when your staff uses the same software at home and at work.

Activate HUP

It’s easy to offer the Home Use Program to your employees:
  1. Use the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) to activate HUP, or if you’re a Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) customer, sign in to the Microsoft Business Center.
  2. Specify the company email domain(s) that will be used to determine your employees’ eligibility.
  3. Notify your employees that they are able to purchase Office through a discounted price with their valid company email address from the Home Use Program website.

Managing your HUP benefit

Your employees who want to purchase HUP software licenses on the Home Use Program website must have access to a valid company email address with a domain approved by your company’s Software Assurance Benefit Administrator. For additional information about accessing and managing your HUP benefit, visit the HUP Resource and Marketing Center for a full overview and help options.

Get the word out

Make sure that your employees understand the value of this benefit—with help from the downloadable employee communication content available on the HUP Resource and Marketing Center.

Order for the entire organization

To help deploy the Home Use Program across your entire organization, your company can place a bulk order for licenses on the HUP Bulk Order website.

Track HUP usage in your company

With HUP Usage Reporting, you can:
  • Generate a report that shows the total number of licenses that your organization has downloaded through the Home Use Program.
  • See which employees have taken advantage of the software benefit.
  • Use data to encourage employee participation and increase productivity.

Download the VLSC HUP Usage Report Guide (PDF, 4.07 MB) to learn more.

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