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Bing Maps GeoAnalytix lets you harness the power of location data to derive business insights.


Visualize catchment area for a store and compare with competitors.


Correlate search keyword volume with user footfall at a store location.

Find Points of Interest

Find points of interest from where a store is, within a specific distance.

Early adopters rejoice

“I love being the first to use these powerful tools! We now have what we need to sustain a strong competitive advantage.”

— Preview Program Participant

Features and Capabilities

Acquire data more easily

Normalize and merge different datasets–no code necessary. We have complex Geospatial JOIN that can work at country, region, and various admin levels to merge data. We have real, ready-to-use datasets that are specific for your business scenarios.

Automate analysis

Get the valuable insight you need faster, with a rich set of analytical capabilities that empower you to build a complete profile of your customers and for your locations and you can search and compare across different parameters.

Leverage the latest spatial and AI tech

Built-in machine learning models can be used for sales and demand forecasting. Plus, AI can enable retrieving faster insights. You will have the option to bring their models and run on the data provided or a combination of enterprise and public data.


Watch the video

Watch our Ignite session video for a GeoAnalytix deep dive.

Bing Maps for Enterprise

Get started building powerful location-based applications and experiences with Microsoft’s Bing Maps Platform. Start building for free with a Basic Key or contact our sales team.