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Bing Maps for Enterprise is deprecated and will be retired.
  • Enterprise account customers can continue to use Bing Maps for Enterprise services until June 30th, 2028.
  • Free (Basic) account customers can continue to use Bing Maps for Enterprise services until June 30th, 2025.
  • To avoid service disruptions, all implementations using Bing Maps for Enterprise REST APIs and SDKs will need to be updated to use Azure Maps by the retirement date.
  • For migration documentation, see Bing Maps Migration Overview.
  • For more details on the retirement, see the Bing Maps Blog.

Geolocation API at work


Leverage high-powered geocoding and reverse geocoding with the Location and Location Recognition APIs.

Local Search & Insights

Tap into the power of local search and get actionable insight into businesses and entities nearby.

Spatial Data Services

Batch geocoding, point of interest data, and the ability to store and expose your spatial data.

Time Zone API

Represent global time zones with the Windows and IANA Time Zone standards.

Autosuggest API

Return a list of suggested entities based on partial location queries for addresses and more.

map with geolocation results

Locations API

Use geolocation API services to find locations based on coordinates (latitude/longitude) and other values like postal code, address, and query string.

amusement park at the waterfront

Location Recognition API

Supercharge your applications with a high-powered geolocation API to provide information about a specified location. The Location Recognition API delivers a comprehensive description of any given location, as well as points of interest, when supplied with location coordinates (latitude/longitude).

laptop showing local search API

Local Search API

Nearby searches are on the rise. Bing Local Search API is a simple-to-use REST API that allows you to query for businesses by name, category or free text.

Local Insights API

The Bing Maps Local Insights API provides insights into businesses and entities that can be reached by car, on foot, or public transit. Score the attractiveness of a location based on the proximity to points of interest, making it easy for you to determine how close people are to things that are important to them.

Spatial Data Services

Get three key capabilities with the Bing Spatial Data Services (SDS): batch geocoding, point of interest (POI) data, and the ability to store and expose your spatial data. You can submit large numbers of addresses for batch-geocoding and GPS-coordinates for reverse geocoding. Download the results or store your spatial data in our datacenters and retrieve your POI through the SDS Query API. Outside of your own POI, you can also query POI from our public data sources grouped into categories.

view of Hollywood sign from airplane window

Time Zone API

Working with time zones can get complicated. The Time Zone API simplifies finding a time zone and daylight savings for a location by query or latitude/longitude coordinates. Also, its swift location intelligence can convert date-time stamps to local time zones with daylight savings time information or by retrieving a Time Zone ID.

Autosuggest API

The Autosuggest API returns a list of suggested entities based on a user’s partial query and the Geolocation API. The service can return three possible entity types: addresses (including roads), points of interest, and businesses in the U.S. A maximum of 10 auto-suggested entities are returned per request, which can be delimited by country and culture.

Bing Maps in Action

Example Use Cases

Location intelligence is critical to building contextually relevant applications such as:

  • Real estate – Identify businesses and points of interest at or near a property.
  • Field services – Identify the address associated with a given location of a mobile technician.
  • Retail – Create location-based experiences such as store-specific notifications or coupons.
  • Sales operations – Track customer visits to a store and identify new customer segments based on the types of locations users visit.

Bing Maps for Enterprise

Get started building powerful location-based applications and experiences with Microsoft’s Bing Maps Platform.