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Location Recognition API features and capabilities

Get a feature-driven service to address your industry or segment-specific needs. This reverse geocoding API converts coordinates (longitude/latitude) to recognizable addresses to immerse users in a comprehensive description including points of interest nearby their location.

Geolocation tracking addresses industry-specific problems such as, “What businesses and points of interest are near a real estate property that I’m interested in buying?” or “What’s the address of a given latitude/longitude? Is it a private residence? Which neighborhood am I in?”

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High-powered Reverse Geocoding

Location Recognition API obtains details about points of interest at a specific location using any coordinates. With this data and a high-powered reverse geocoding engine, users can better understand their surroundings with displays in premium resolution for aerial imagery mapping.

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Explore entities and points of interest

The Bing Maps Location Recognition API uses geolocation tracking to convert location coordinates (latitude/ longitude) into human-readable addresses and points of interest, including details like business entities, natural attractions, reverse address geocoding, and property type.

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The world in 3D sound

Location Recognition API streamlines the user experience and makes mapped experiences more accessible for all.

“By using Local Search and Location Recognition to power the experience of finding a place, our team is free to focus on Soundscape-specific tasks, like building the audio beacon experience which helps users to orient or navigate towards a location that they have found using the Bing Maps APIs.”

— Melanie Kneisel:  Software Engineer at Microsoft Research

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Geolocation tracking in action

Fulfill your industry-specific needs, backed by reliable service and 24/7 support, whether you’re in real estate, field services, retail, or sales operations.

  • Real estate – Identify businesses and points of interest at or near a property.
  • Field services – Pin-point coordinates associated with a mobile technician’s location.
  • Retail – Create location-based experiences for customers.
  • Sales operations – Track customer visits to a store and identify new customer segments.

Location Intelligence

laptop showing locations on map

Locations API

Find a location based on coordinates and other values like postal code, address, and query string.

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Local Search API

REST API that allows you to query for businesses by name, category or free text.

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Local Insights API

Provides insights into businesses and entities that can be reached by car, on foot, or public transit.

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Time Zone API

Represent global time zones with Windows Time Zone standard and the IANA time zone standard.

tablet showing local search

Autosuggest API

Return a list of suggested entities based on a user's partial query.

See the world

Get rich, actionable data about a location with Bing Maps Location Recognition API. Use reverse geocoding to get details about points of interest and more.


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