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SkyLite Systems

Location aware app helps enforce public works construction laws

SkyLite Systems is an award-winning Microsoft partner focused on delivering commercial and custom solutions built around SharePoint and Office 365. Presented with the challenge to develop an agile solution for the Labor Management Compliance Council (LMCC) to complement their SharePoint Case Management tool, SkyLite Systems leveraged Office 365 and Bing Maps to deliver a mobile application that is robust, cost-effective and location aware.

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China Mobile International (JegoTrip)

Smarter and safer travel with location intelligence

China Mobile International caters to the needs of the millions of Chinese citizens who travel internationally each year. As part of its ongoing goal to better serve its customers, the company is creating a one-stop tourism platform within its JegoTrip app. Adopting multiple Bing Maps APIs, the app will soon incorporate a live COVID-19 map tracker, travel safety information, automated and personalized itinerary planner , and real-time local transportation data.

Bing Maps Customer Story - LinkedIn
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Job hunting powered by location intelligence

Finding your dream job can take effort, but with the help of some innovative features, LinkedIn has made the job hunt that much easier for its members. Factors around location are oftentimes central to job selection. How far is the office from my home? What will my commute look like? These are common considerations when applying for and accepting a position.

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CAMs Software

Logistics made more efficient and cost effective

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Microsoft Soundscape

The world delivered in 3D sound

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Proximity search helps power emergency response

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High performance tile serving for 3D Map Apps

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Powerful routing with cost-effective pricing Customer Story
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See what's going on with local search

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