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SkyLite Systems

Managing public construction law enforcement with location intelligence

Tasked with coming up with an intelligent solution for the Labor Management Compliance Council, award-winning Microsoft partner SkyLite Systems relied on location-aware features like Autosuggest API and in-built integration with SharePoint to rise to the challenge. SkyLite Systems is a shining example of how geolocation can drive change on the ground as well as at the backend.

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China Mobile International (JegoTrip)

Travel more and plan less with itinerary optimization

China Mobile International is using a suite of Bing Maps APIs to create JegoTrip, an geo mapping app that provides travel safety information, COVID-19 map tracking, and more. JegoTrip will make travel planning easier using the Multi-Itinerary API to create automated travel itineraries that can still be personalized to each traveler.

Bing Maps Customer Story - LinkedIn
Customer Story


Simplify job hunting with location intelligence

Geolocation and location intelligence aren’t just changing the way businesses work, they’re also helping individuals reshape the way they look at the world, and LinkedIn is a prime geocoding example. Job seekers on LinkedIn are using location intelligence to look for jobs nearby and simplifying the job hunting process with relevant information at their fingertips

Making an impact with Bing Maps

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Microsoft Soundscape

Making navigation accessible using 3D sound and location data.

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Emergency responses and disaster planning enabled by geo mapping apps.

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High resolution imagery and map tiles for 3D apps.

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Location aware routing at cost-effective prices. Customer Story
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Developer-friendly APIs empowering local businesses and building a community with local search.

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